He Said NO!

So…it seems the big headline of the day is that New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, has stated AGAIN that he is not going to broaden the pool of current GOP candidates by running for President.


What is it with the mainstream media in this country ok, I KNOW that there are too many things to list!?  Just HOW many times did Christie have to say “NO!” before they took the hint?  Is it their desperation — or is that this is the GOP’s supporters version of “keep hope alive” thanks for that slogan, Jesse Jackson, but based on the current GOP applicants, hope is dead on arrival that makes them keep reaching out to people who don’t want their attention or, in Christie’s case, not yet…?

The entire media circus around ‘will-he-or-will-he-not-run’ makes them no better than a ‘bad boyfriend’: they hear only what they want to hear, see only what they want to see and, even then, in the face of any and all evidence that doesn’t support what they want to believe, theystill interpret things in a way that makes me wonder if they’re capable of paying attention.  At all.

My rhetorical question is why do we still bother with the mainstream media?  It takes them nearly forever to report on stories that are considered to be of significance and, in too many cases, they give more opinions than fact-based research and analysis.  They should leave the opinions to the bloggers who are more at liberty to give an unvarnished view and bloggers are far less likely to be bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers and/or Fox fake news and write timely articles while providing resources that are flexible and interested enough in things that matter or at least matter more than paying attention to some dude who has said a resounding NO more times than a virgin on prom night.

So, now that this small segment of silliness is over we can only hope…, how long will it be before the mainstream media decides to grace us with cameras and reporters to really cover some issues?  Perhaps they can start with covering the disgust that is spreading among average citizens over a political system that favours only the top 1%.  Then maybe they can be real and tell us what damage will occur if the proposed gutting of regulatory agencies that protect people from shady bankers, dirty water and chemicals in the air comes to pass?  Afterwards, they can stop boring us with these backwater crazy evangelical losers presidential candidates with their pre-packaged talking-points messages and let us know what we would be in for if one of them should GASP! ascend to the office of the President OH LORD!!!  HELP US ALL!! — you know, do some research…

No?  OK….fine….as you were…Get back to work… *sigh*


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