Is THIS The Best We’ve Got?

Really?  Oh, and by the way, I’m not talking about Republican presidential candidates Herman Cain (Oh Lawdhamercy), Mitt Romney (YAWN!), Rick Perry (WTLF?!?) and Michelle Bachmann (DUH!).  I’m talking about the people who currently hold seats in the US Senate and the people they deem worthy of listening to…like Alan Greenspan a.k.a., the fiscal grim reaper.

As I sit here drinking my proper cuppa tea and grinning ear to ear as I read more reports about how the Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading, I’m wondering something….hmmmm….Why in hell does this guy still have ANY kind of platform?  Why doesn’t he just fade away into the obscurity he should have been in while he was serving as Chairman of the Federal Reserve which, clearly, has done a really great job of handling the nation’s monetary policy and regulating banking institutions to the point that they needed the biggest friggin’ bailout EVER?

Mr. Greenspan is in the news again when the only news he SHOULD be featured in is the story of his arrest for everything he did that contributed to the global financial crisis — but this time he’s pontificating that, perhaps (get this!!), it would be a good idea to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.  Really?  Is that the best he has to offer?  This pearl of wisdom emanates from the man who almost single-handedly saw to it that deregulation of the banking system took place?  These are rather wise words coming from somebody who admitted WAY too late that it probably wasn’t a good idea to assume that the banks wouldn’t go down the road of greed and self-interest as they sat by and watched the economy melt down.

He’s correct that the Bush tax cuts should expire — though the cuts for the wealthiest never should have been allowed to pass in the first place — but now that those words are coming from his inept and destructive mouth, is anyone going to take a chance and listen?  I agree with him…but after the devastation he has unleashed, which is a big reason why we now have such a large underclass in this country, I wouldn’t trust him if he told me that water is wet.

If you want to be significant again, try thinking about how you can help reverse the massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1%.  Or maybe you can get a committee started that will put real financial reform in place of the toothless Dodd-Frank Law.

If you can’t manage to do any of that, well, then…just GO AWAY, Mr. Greenspan.  PLEASE!


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