WHERE are the JOBS, Speaker Boehner?

It’s a good thing my blood pressure is at a healthy level… Watching the news, particularly when I see the loathsome faces of the obstructionists also known as the GOP, would be enough for me to bust a major artery makes me wonder just when the interests of the people of the U.S. are going to be placed above dumb-arse politics.  COUNTRY first, NOT party first!

Image by Cherie Welch

WTLF is wrong with these people?  OK…not a fair question because the answer would be too damn long. Why don’t I ask ‘What is RIGHT with these people’? — That question is easier to answer because the response would be short…miniscule….

A couple of weeks ago, Business Insider reported: “Republicans Line Up To Kill The Obama Jobs Plan.”  There’s nothing new about that…but the ridiculousness was more evident than ever when it became clear that they were killing the American Jobs Act BEFORE President Obama announced it.  Again, W.T.L.F.?!?  Most rational and even semi-conscious people know that there is nothing short of a resignation or an outright defection to the Tea Party that the President could do to appease the GOP, especially appealing to them on the grounds that Americans are suffering in this economy unless they’re part of the upper 1% because they’ve, effectively, told the other 99% of us to sod off.

Other than the American Jobs Act plan, which reputable economists say can create millions of jobs, what plan is in place to get Americans back to work?  OK, I’m not talking about the GOP plan to keep the economy in a strangle hold until they’re able to get a ‘big win’ at the voting booth.  Where are the Republicans who STAND for something rather than those who bend over at a moments for the Tea Party?

Do they have a better ideas than the vacuous, mean-spirited batshit crazy and unpatriotic behaviour they’ve displayed since 2008? Why is there no support for this bill given that many of the ideas have been presented by Republicans in the past?  Is the problem that the American Jobs Act wants funds to prevent layoffs nothing says unbridled capitalism more than unemployed firefighters, cops and teachers!?  Or is that that the Act has too much emphasis on rebuilding the nation’s crumbling infrastructure that, apparently, the people in the top 1% never use as evidenced by the fact that they don’t want to pay for a damn thing?  Oh…just maybe it’s because the American Jobs Act wants to provide incentives for businesses to hire unemployed veterans those people who seem to matter to the GOP ONLY when they’re being shipped off to another unfunded war?  I don’t know…all I want to know is:

WHERE are the JOBS, Speaker Boehner?

*Thanks to Cherie Welch for a great picture that sums up this entire fiasco!*


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