The Big Sweep – Occupy Wall Street Is Staying Put


Along with its famous landmarks, skyscrapers and large population, New York City had a reputation for decades as a dangerous and filthy city.  With much hard work over the years, the city has significantly decreased its crime levels and made itself look much more attractive.  Clearly, other matters are at the forefront of the city’s agenda but, as much cleanliness matters, using it as an excuse to bring in police to suppress a protest and evict protestors is a rather transparent move. 

Thankfully, a confrontation with police has been averted; protestors cleaned up the occupied park and they are continuing to assert their right to assemble peacefully.  That said, while dirt has been cleared away, what remains is constant criticism of the protestors by those who refuse to hear their legitimate and long-standing concerns.  Apparently, it’s annoying and uncomfortable for the 1%’s to be confronted with the issues of joblessness, continued home foreclosures and the increasing level of power wielded by Wall Street over our elected officials.

Occupy Wall Street is staying put — as they should.  The 1%-ers need to remember that it was the protestors and other everyday citizens who provided the money used by the US Treasury to facilitate the biggest transfer of wealth from the masses to rescue them/Wall Street.  After years of unbridled greed and economic destruction, the 99% are fed up — and the least the 1% can do is give up a little bit of park space…then shut up and listen.  This is NOT over.