Six Weeks of GOP Debates

Last night’s debate among Republican presidential candidates was the fifth debate in six weeks.  My summary:

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  • *Yawn*
  • Herman Cain still hasn’t walked away from the very idea that an electric fence to keep out undocumented immigrants may present significant problems — like electrocuting people.
  • *Yawn*
  • Rick Perry answered what he felt like answering, rather than the questions Anderson Cooper, the debate’s moderator, asked him.  Way to go, Rick!  Real leaders do whatever they want; they don’t play by the rules and they’re evasive!  Should you become the GOP’s ‘chosen one’, and if Earth were to spin off its axis such that we all end up in a political Bizarro World, we’re all looking forward to finding out how your unique style and brand of stupidity will play out on the world stage.  There goes whatever friendships America still has!
  • Michelle Bachmann was there.  Ok.  Never mind…I got nothin’.   *Yawn*
  • Mitt Romney was accused by Rick Perry of hiring illegal immigrants to work at his home.  The story is a landscaping company hired to manicure his lawns hired illegal immigrants and, once Mitt found out, he fired that company.   Frankly, when I heard that he hired illegal immigrants I didn’t believe it.  Why?  Because Mitt’s specialty is getting rid of people by buying their companies, dismantling them for his own gain — and leaving them in shreds.  Does that sound like someone who would want to give an undocumented worker — or anyone — a job?  Employment is just not his thing…except finding a job for himself…one for which he’s wholly unsuitable.
  • Oh, yes, Rick Santorum was there as well.  As were Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.  Funny…their own (tea)party doesn’t seem to think they’re worthy of news coverage.

So, what did we get?  Nothing.  There’s still no coherent discussion about the economy or jobs from this bunch.