No ‘Bennies’

The long-term unemployed have the fallen off the radar; nobody seems to be tracking them anymore.  Once people have exhausted their 99 weeks maximum unemployment benefits, they fall into the ‘No Zone’.

Listen here: No Bennies 10-10-11




  1. Wow the sad thing is, this isnt far from the truth. It reminds me of a phone call I had with the insurance company I had about a few weeks ago, she would just cut me off and offer no other solutions ot help me. No one had any other solutions, except they almost sounded pleased to not help me. I think people are becoming colder and the worse things get the colder people will get. Really sad.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      The unemployed are often treated like they have a contagious disease. What’s worse is when elected officials make stupid comments such as “Just go get a job”, as though they don’t realise that it’s THEIR policies that have contributed to the increase in unemployment levels. Having callous customer service representatives who don’t want to deal with the public doesn’t help the situation either. *Sigh*


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