Against Ending A War?


Polls have said for several years that the majority of Americans are against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We’re still a long away from peace but, for many, President Obama’s announcement that the troops will be pulled out of Iraq to come home in time for the holidays was a welcome announcement.  Of course, we all know you can’t please everyone….

Even after the deaths of Osama bin Laden, key al Qaeda leaders and, more recently, Mu’ammar al Qaddafi some are unsatisfied and think it’s wrong to end operations and pull troops out of Iraq.  It’s no surprise that the most vocal complaints and criticisms would come from the GOP candidates competing for a seat at the White House; who would have expected Rick Perry (on his way to a hunting trip…way to go to keep that killer’s instinct sharp, Rick!) to say anything other than that the President hasn’t succeeded and he should learn to not “telegraph his intentions” to the enemy.  Mitt Romney stated that the President has failed to “secure an orderly transition in Iraq”.  And, none other than Newt Gingrich (a.k.a. Mr. Irrelevant…is he still running?) commented that troop withdrawal is tantamount to failure.

Taking their well-rehearsed talking points/criticisms one by one, yes, sometimes it seems too much is revealed; I’m sure many of us wonder why the media is informed of so much when it comes to military operations.  That aside, I suppose Rick Perry has conveniently forgotten President Obama’s sneak attack on Osama bin Laden — you know, the one that took place without informing Pakistan…  How is THAT for “mission accomplished”, muhfuggah??.

Shall I bother to address Mr. Romney’s statement?  I ask because Mr. Romney so frequently doesn’t stand by his own statements Romneycare, anyone?? so it’s not worth it to negate anything he says.  Why?  Because, when confronted, Mitt will contradict himself and act like he was just bitch slapped into showing that he has no spine.  That leaves Newt Gingrich.

If I’m not mistaken, Newt doesn’t like the very thought of pulling out Oh, wait…sorry!  We’re not talking about his personal life?!.  He’s saying that leaving a war after the goal of training a takeover team is a failure?  Hmmm…maybe my priorities are out of order — isn’t it a failure to allow the economy of your own country to be flushed down the loo decline, in part, because vast sums of taxpayer money are being directed overseas for an unsustainable war?

The other war mongers sit DOWN already, John McCain!!  and those bought-and-paid-for supporters of the military industrial complex have come out swinging against the President’s decision.  What else is new?  *Yawn…whatever…*  Thinking people should, by now, realise that the opinions of those politicians don’t matter.  After all, it’s not their children at war and, for that matter, most of us in the real world don’t make money profiting from lengthy battles.


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