They Don’t Care About Us

All I wanna say is that
They don’t really care about us…

All I wanna say is that
They don’t really care about us…

~  Refrain from Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us

When I think of people who repeatedly take actions that work against their own best interests, the chorus from Michael Jackson’s song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ comes to mind.  It’s the same thought I have when I think of self-described centrists.  To me, today’s centrists are people who have yet to realise that the middle-ground they seek presupposes that one or the other side is willing to find rational common ground.

Why does that come to mind now?  Well, recently I had a conversation with a sel-described “independent centrist” who advocates for finding the middle in every disagreement.   *Yawn*  Grow a backbone; these days, shouldn’t everyone stand for SOMETHING?  How does one find a ‘happy middle’ with issues like freedom, the right to peaceful assembly, abortion, etc.?  I listened to his point of view about how politics has become so divisive that it feels like the left hates the right and how the national mood feels like average citizens are at war with one another.   After two minutes of his pontificating and preaching, my first thought was ‘PLEASE, wanker, just go away and sod off.   I have now decided that anyone who calls him/herself an independent is really far right but just too ashamed to publicly align with the batshit crazy Tea Party.  I agreed that the national mood feels tense.  I also agreed that under normal circumstances reasonableness, fairness and responsible actions should prevail.

Then what is it that didn’t sit well with me?  Well, the key here is that what I see today does not represent normal circumstances — and the far right has made it clear that they are still having trouble adjusting to the fact that times have changed….so they’d rather go backwards.

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a good idea to walk into any discussion that has opposing sides with the goal of seeking common ground in order to resolve issues.  Compromise makes sense in any situation where there’s a ‘win-win’ to be found.  However, if we’re talking about national and global politics — and the policies that must change because of their increasingly negative impact on what remains of the middle class — I don’t think there’s much room left for compromise.


Because the left has already done too much compromising.  The left has spent years hoping for civility, common sense and for cooler heads to prevail.  So what has happened?  The left has been not-so-politely stomped on voted down and out-maneuvered by the right and thrown into a pile of stinking turds rubble that contains failed banks, tanked 401K retirement plans, crumbling infrastructure…oh, and a great view of the gated community dwellers who see the left as nothing more than a means to the end goal of controlling even more of the wealth of this nation.

Get it through your head, centrists…I know they don’t care about my ilk but, to be clear, they don’t really care about YOU, either.   Sadly, there may be one thing about which I actually agree with them; when it comes to compromise and middle ground, all they really want is for you to…

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  1. First of all shocked that no one has commented on this yet. Second, many are quiet on the issue, but are starting to wake up, and last, I feel I stay tense when thinking of this subject. I have decided to embrace that tension because I mentioned before the slumber liberals have been in and I have been right there with them. Its time to wake up. Many conservatives have kept that fire in them because they dont like change and they pass that ignorance down to their children who keep it alive, like racism and discrimination. In my opinion its all included in their ideology and what they fight for. Like you Brooklyn Dame,I held out for hope, thinking this crisis will unite us as a country and that we would help get each other through because we love this country and want to fix it. Little did I know that the rhetoric of the right and that crazy tea party would be winning with lies and bullying. Yes I am one of those liberals who now hate the right and dont even give a damn about their opinions anymore. I atleast felt like, well maybe they have a legitimate reason for feeling the way they do, but when you listen to them, they arent saying anything that makes sense and that would be beneficial to most americans, not even half of americans. I was just talking to a young guy here in Seattle yesterday and we both agreed that the right has no interest in fixing america. We both agreed that the tea party is useless and that we also didnt understand why anyone who made under 100 grand a year would support anything the right says. We both felt maybe it was religion that bind them, but thats a joke since what Jesus main goal was doesnt support anything the right is for. He would be deemed a socialist. So do these people listen to what they spew out, I dont get it. Tell me right wingers and tea party, in your situation knowing what Jesus’s story really was, what would he do for the homeless, the poor, and all the unwashed masses now days, Would he clap at the dying, would he boo soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for this country, you look at your Bible and tell me does it really go along with what you believe because if you really are religious and know what jesus was trying to accomplish, you would shut the fuck up. This is coming from a non religious person, with no belief in the Bible but a belief in a higher power who is watching all your actions.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Hey…thanks! Sometimes people read what’s going on but they don’t comment. Some simply walk away shaking their head which, at times, is understandable when we’re bombarded with negativity on a daily basis!

      I don’t know why people aren’t more involved and I certainly don’t know why some of these officials are able to get away with the con job they’ve been dishing out for years; convincing their constituents that they have their best interests at heart — even in the face of a dragging economy, high unemployment, attacks on women’s rights, religious encroachment in schools, union busting, etc is nothing short of incredible to me!

  2. Thank you for your post. Voices like yours give me hope that finally, finally the left is growing a spine.

    As someone who is probably quite a bit older than you, perhaps I can shed a little light on what makes people my age act in ways that don’t seem rational, forever compromising in centrist futility. We had a lot of fire in us years ago when we boomers came of age, but for years upon years, no one we voted for ever won. No proposition that we backed ever won. Ever. We marched and marched but no one listened. Ten years went by and 50,000 of us died in Vietnam. The war finally ended and we grew older. We began to see a few victories, but it was always for people who were only marginally better than their opponents. How many times have I held my nose and voted for a politician, even detesting that this person sent jobs overseas or gave huge tax breaks to the rich etc, just because he was a little better than the other guy? The whole thing about being a centrist is that one gets led down that path with the best of intentions; at any given moment you reason that you are being practical, settling for the small concession here or there or the lesser evil because you’ve become accustomed to thinking that it’s futile to ask for more or to refuse to participate.

    The wake up call for me was when Rahm Emmanuel sneered at the public option supporters, calling them “f’ing retards” who had no where else to go. His words hit me hard because they were true. He had no reason to fear us because there was never going to be any consequence if he didn’t. The real question I have is will young people compromise the way the boomers did – will you vote for Obama because he is not quite as bad as Romney? Because it is all very well to want change, but you won’t get it if the people in charge think that they can get away with screwing you because you will perceive that the other guy is a little worse.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      I thank you for your honesty. Believe me, I know it’s not easy to constantly fight. It’s tiresome having to battle for things that seem like they’re good, in the long-run, for everyone. The trouble is the day we give up the fight is the day we start to lose ground. These backwards-thinking ‘leaders’ want us to believe that the way things are is the way things have to be. That’s not so. The thing that we on the side of progress need to remind ourselves of is that we need to think more strategically and examine what the other side is doing right. How long can we continue to have sound ideas and rational policies in mind and allow them to be beaten out of existence because we’re trying to reason with and convince people who have made it clear that they’re willing to push their agenda with all of the finesse of a bar room brawler? We have science, analytical thought, math, history and common sense on our side yet we still keep conceding to people who think that any time before 1865 represents the ‘good old days’! If things end up much worse than they are, it’s OUR fault for continually allowing ourselves to be steamrolled. Many of us have a backbone — now we just need to wake up! 🙂

  3. I quite agree. I’m fed up with liberals who won’t stand up to the crazies on the right. I don’t want to reason with them or to compromise with them. I say take the gloves off and go after them with everything we have.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Exactly! We’re counting on you, too! I’m glad Occupy Wall Street is a consistent presence but in order to get things done we need help from everyone. ALL of us are being pushed into a direction that is backwards. The President was clear on election night: he can’t do it alone.

    • Take off the gloves and pull out the weapons.


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