Ann Coulter’s Blacks

Disclaimer:  I find this miserable broad, Ann Coulter rather pitiful and in desperate need of good medication to calm her crazy arse down um, interesting so everything written from this sentence on should be taken as gospel because it’s SO damn true understood in that context.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about anything Ann Coulter says given that the entry in Dickipedia says it all — but just when I think she’s walked as far as she can go into the land of the loathsome she says something that shows, despite all of her formal education and legal training, that she’s as obtuse as ever. *Sigh*

Don’t get me wrong; I think both major political parties should have people of all stripes under their tents.  Having cross-representation may be the only way to get the parties to consider what all of their constituents want.  Listening to diverse opinions is far superior to doing what they currently do:  catering to the needs of only limited segments of the population rich off OTHER people’s money, cranky and out of touch regressive farts who think everyone else should sod off.  That said, with their revisionist history and lineup of dusty confederates, complete unwillingness to yield to science, an inability to engage in a discussion about fair play and, yes, their allergic reaction to book learnin’, the party of NO (progress) repeatedly shows that tiny matters such as racial insensitivity are simply minor blips on the dingbat radar.

News flash, Ann, YOUR Blacks aren’t better than the Democrats’ Blacks (and why does that sound like some antebellum era Big Missy just spoke about HER blacks in ownership terms?); maybe they’re just more hopeful that one day you’ll see them as real people rather than political pawns.  By the way, if you’re trying to paint the Republican party as one of inclusion (HAHAHA!! *SNORT* HAHAHA!!) just because it publicly welcomes a handful of conservative folks of colour, then it’s not a good idea to decide which Black people you think are more ‘authentic’.  Frankly, there’s a good chance that no matter what tent any of us are under, many of us have experienced more than enough authentic horror at the hands of folks who think like you.

OK.  I’m done now.  It’s late…perhaps I’ll turn in and hum a few plantation lullabys as I drift off to sleep.


  1. Why didnt she just say that Republican blacks are better than Democratic blacks — although both statements sound stupid. They are endlessly nauseating.

  2. This chick gives me a headache! She was spouting off about Democrats being the party of exclusion, slavery and Jim Crowe while ignoring the fact that was true before Civil Rights legislation was adopted and enforced under successive Democrat Presidents causing the Southern Democrats, who were and had been the majority of the racists in the party, to flee to the Republican party. Which had lost it’s progressive soul since the day’s of President Lincoln because it was targeted by big business for take over and exploitation due to it’s smaller size, which made it a more affordable option than buying off the bigger Democratic party, which had just proved it’s commitment to the common man through FDR’s New Deal.

    The Southern, Christian, Racists proved ideal allies too because the Robber Baron’s knew they could screw them over time and time again by pandering to their fears of minorities and homosexuals while promoting their ideal of eliminating the seperation of church and state so we could be a “Christian” nation.

    Guess she figured we didn’t know about all that though… What a buffoon!


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