Revolution – A Song for the 99%


Tracy Chapman said/sang it best:

“Poor people gonna rise up, and get their share…

Poor people gonna rise up, and take what’s theirs.”


I can’t think of a song that is more appropriate to express the frustration felt by the 99%!


Talking ‘Bout A Revolution, single from the album called Tracy Chapman, released in 1988.


  1. […] Occupy Wall Street is staying put — as they should.  The 1%-ers need to remember that it was the protestors and other everyday citizens who provided the money used by the US Treasury to facilitate the biggest transfer of wealth from the masses to rescue them/Wall Street.  After years of unbridled greed and economic destruction, the 99% are fed up — and the least the 1% can do is give up a little bit of park space…then shut up and listen.  This is NOT over. Filed Under: Social Change Tagged With: 99%, economic destruction, elected officials, greed, home foreclosures, joblessness, Occupy Wall Street, peaceful assembly, US Treasury […]

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