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So, what’s the news today?  Let me check.  Hmm…OK, here’s an evolving story:  The New York City Police Department raided the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park.  Based on the comments I’m reading, I get the impression that some people are surprised.  Really?  Why?  Didn’t they see something like this happening after it was announced weeks ago that Zuccotti Park needed a clean up?  Did people think that Wall Street wasn’t going to find a way to retaliate — as they always do in one way or another?

Let’s just be really honest clear about this:  Supreme Emperor Mayor Bloomberg has said out of one side of his mouth that he supports free speech.  That’s good; it reflects that he’s hearing people whispering in one ear that it’s probably not a good idea to harass people who are already fed up and afflicted with all of the problems that come along with being unemployed, foreclosed upon and silenced by those human corporations.  The problem is what is being whispered in the overlord’s Mayor’s other ear: is he hearing that the powerful don’t like those people taking over parks, upsetting the balance of power and making known their disgust with a system that they believe has been stacked against them?

Shutting down the park and discarding the personal belongings of protestors is said to be a temporary measure so that the space could be made safer and cleaned.  Occupants of Zuccotti Park were told that they should temporarily leave and remove tents and tarps but, if when they’re allowed to return, it will have to be without heating devices and anything that provides some shelter.  I agree that it makes sense to protect the surrounding neighbourhoods and ensure sanitary, safe conditions for all — but what I’m really glad about is that what this latest action means.  I believe that this raid ensures that the movement will grow larger as people feel more stifled by those in power.

Next stop: Foley Square.


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