The Not-So-Super Committee

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Who came up with this dumb-arse idea? A committee evenly comprised of Democrats and Republicans to do the dirty work of finding over $1 trillion in savings within the federal budget and reduction to the nation’s debt. Really?

I’m sure some of you are wondering if I’m saying that it’s wrong to find ways to save money in the budget; that is not what I’m saying. At all. In fact, I’m all for finding ways to make the federal budget more efficient; how I’d do that is another story but, suffice it to say, my way wouldn’t involve actions that harm the non-wealthy while leaving allowing the richest among us to make no sacrifices. What I’m actually getting at is the committee itself. We already have a Congress that cannot seem to fully agree on anything — but yet we think that a subset of one dysfunctional group is going to accomplish things that the larger dysfunctional group cannot or will not? Seriously? There must be a catch…

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any issue that has arisen since President Obama’s inauguration on which Democrats and Republicans have given full mutual support. What’s pitiful is that the disagreements include ideas Republicans both formally and formerly supported — at least until President Obama decided those ideas were worthy of attention *cough, cough…health insurance mandate, anyone?*.  So what’s so special about this “super” group that they would be expected to come to resolve issues that Congress has been fighting over for years?  Of more importance is what happens if this group ends up with no real solutions?  Hmmm…that’s when things start to get scary. Not for them because Congressmen are pretty much taken care of for life…for us.

Ah…her’s the catch:  if the Supercommittee doesn’t agree on specific budget cuts then all 12 of its members get to throw their hands in the air and wave ’em like they just don’t care…party people will get that reference. The congresspeople will get to walk away from the Democrats caving and the Republicans behaving like tantrum-throwing schoolyard bullies negotiations and a trigger mechanism will kick in. Without getting into technicalities, the next major step in the process is that the $1 trillion gap will be evenly split between cuts in military expenditures and other domestic programs Yeah, right…the Republicans won’t allow military cuts without payback…and we all know that the Republicans aren’t going for any kind of an increase in taxes.

Folks on the Supercommittee know but half of them simply don’t care what will happen as the result of drastic cuts to domestic programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Damn those poor people!  Some of us are hopeful stupid enough to believe that they remember the nation is still in a recession and  their actions could result in many more people needlessly being added to those who are already poverty stricken.

I wonder…are the people in the Supercommittee among those who wonder why so many Americans have taken to protesting?


  1. Larry Polsky says

    To whom does the G.O.P. appeal when declaring we must not increase taxes? That’s the trick – I read that the general public does not have
    the attention span or interest to pursue the subject beyond that statement to realize that it is only the wealthy that will be subjected
    to a tax increase.


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