Three Sides To Every Story…

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..and all of them belong to Mitt Romney.  The old adage goes “There’s one side, the other and the truth”.  I’ve been watching the GOP debates HAHAHAHAHA!!! and the subsequent clown show media coverage that surrounds the activities that take place away from the debate podium.  My immediate thought is that the pre-election process in this country goes on WAAAAAYYYY too long.  I think it’s important for the public to know the views of each candidate but do we really have to be subjected to roughly two years of political posturing before we know what each candidate is about?

Who among us isn’t tired of:

~ Herman Cain‘s gaffes – “Beki Beki Stan Stan”.  Really?  Is that how someone who wants to be leader of the free world should address other countries? OK, the sexual harassment claims aren’t good either.

~ Michele Bachmann’s desperation to stay in the race even in the face of her own campaign teams abandoning her?

~ Newt Gingrich trying to sound patriotic while showing contempt as usual for the 99% — the people who believe they have repeatedly been neglected by big business and government?  His slight display of humanity on the issue of immigration is going to make the GOP base kick his arse re-evaluate whether or not he should be the front-runner in 5…..4…..3…..2….

~ Ron Paul being repeatedly kicked to the curb by the conservative media…why don’t they want him to exist get air time?

~ Jon Hunstman trying to sound rational — which is exactly why the GOP’s base won’t listen to him with all of that science and book learnin’…

But Mitt Romney is my favourite; with the three sides to every story he presents, he’s like exercise for the brain. Why is it that politics often attracts the sort of people who don’t stand for anything important? Why do people support this man?  There’s nothing wrong with changing one’s mind when new information comes forward that would warrant revising one’s opinions but, in his case, a strong desire to hold the most powerful seat in the country seems to fuel his inability to develop principles and stick to them.

I don’t want a leader who holds his middle finger up in the air to figure out which way the winds of change are blowing. It’s time to stick a fork in this guy; as far as I’m concerned, his lack of conviction means that he’s done…or should be.



  1. Larry Polsky says

    Quite the contrary – if this garbage doesn’t help Obama get
    elected – helpppppppppppp.


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