Laugh Now, Cry Later

Image: Pixabay

I read many news sites and it’s becoming all too common to see posts in which people say that the Republicans are “funny”.  I know they’re saying that if the right wing sincerely believes that this current lineup of presidential candidates represents their ‘best in class‘, then they must be kidding and they must be quite high.

Reading what other people consider funny has made me wonder whether I have lost my sense of humour. I don’t think I have; simply put, I just never find crazy and hypocritical their actions and the results of those actions to be amusing. In fact, not only do I think that they were never funny, I believe that they have been ramping up their special version of downright scary for the past 30 years.

Looking back I wonder if anyone who looks forward to national progress said “Ha Ha!” when Ronald Reagan was elected and immediately set out to bust unions, vilify public workers and tank educational programs for college-age students. And given the issues with the food supply and many children’s lack of access to nutritious meals, I most certainly can’t imagine anyone found it funny when he declared ketchup a vegetable. Apparently, not much has changed. I’m still not laughing as I watch the perpetual attack on women’s rights, the constant talk of mixing religious ideology with government policies, and Congressional obstruction of anything that can help rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and decrease our unemployment levels.  The vitriolic rage and shameful disrespect shown to the POTUS isn’t a laughing matter and that hasn’t changed either. Funny Ha ha? No…more like Ha Ha Hell.

With the recent turn of events, Herman I can’t seem to keep it in my pants Cain is no longer heir apparent did anyone ever REALLY take him THAT seriously? and Mitt Many Faces Romney is neither wowing nor wooing his party as a bonafide conservative. Michelle I’m too busy trying to pray away the gay with my husband and his government-subsidised organisation Bachmann has fallen by the wayside and neither Ron Paul nor Jon Hunstman can catch any real media coverage. That leaves Newt ‘Family Values’ Gingrich.  He’s doing rather well in many polls are people are starting to pay real attention to his credentials.

Let’s see what Newt brings to the table and what he’s best known for:

~ attacking former President Clinton on grounds of morality even though he dumped two ex wives and switched to younger more politically acceptable upgrades each time

~ supporting an individual mandate whereby all citizens would be required to purchase health insurance, just as all automobile owners must have car insurance, but now that President Obama has included this in his healthcare overhaul, Newt has pulled away from his previous statements faster than a thief could leave the scene of a crime

~ spearheading a shutdown of the federal government (which he pretended was because of balanced budget disagreements but happened after President Clinton made him sit in the back of a plane big freakin’ BABY!!)

~ a staggering number of ethics violations during his tenure as Speaker of the House.

Who among you finds this kind of behaviour acceptable or even remotely funny?  Go ahead, folks…put this man in a position of power.  You may laugh now but you’ll cry later.