Let’s (Not) Try This Again

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It has been said that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is a sure sign of madness. If that’s the case, is it a sign of madness that trying to reinstate the same policies that have proven to be an abject failure means that the Republican party is comprised of batshit crazy people who simply don’t follow the lessons of history?

If the question is how do we move the country forward?, why is every action that the right considers viable one that moves us backwards to their version of the ‘good ol’ days’? Dismantling government and wrecking the middle class — while toying with whatever remains to support the economy — always seems to be the favourite answer for the Republican party. Do they really believe that it helps the nation when only (segments of) the GOP moves forward but the rest of the country is pushed behind?

When the voting public is presented with candidates who submit ideas such skirting child labour laws to make poor children serve as the janitors for their schools screw the janitors, huh? Don’t they need jobs too? or getting rid of necessary programs such as Food Stamps because of the belief that starving recipients of that aid would curb the nation’s obesity problem, how are we supposed to believe that the party is interested in crafting serious policies that are meant to solve big problems?

America’s policies have been moving away from the public’s interest for a long time. Ronald Reagan’s grand experiment with the nation’s economy failed and nearly every dingbat GOP official since then has been pushing the same destructive policy framework because stupid is as stupid does: help government by destroying it.

Right now the nation has so much wealth concentrated at the uppermost level — and it’s the direct result of truly dumbarse policies that were not in the public’s best interests. While our candidates are denying that we’re in an economic depression and that the growing number of underemployed Americans may never again reach the standard of living they used to have we, the voters, are subjected to a daily arse clown showdown between candidates who are in a contest to see who can say the most ridiculous thing and still be taken seriously by their base of ‘good Christian folks‘. As a nation, we are getting the crap kicked out of us evidence that other economies are building and growing as ours remains stagnant. We see that concentrating wealth leads to diminished demand and lower purchasing power for our declining middle class but yet some of us still want to push for more of the same failed policies because the “job creators” have told us to wait for their nonexistent and/or repeatedly stupid ideas to come and save the day.

How about we try something new? Let’s not try the same ‘solutions’ again and think that we’re going to get better results this time around. As a nation, we can’t afford it.


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