Retirement Planning


The Democrats have a platform that says they’re committed to making it easier for Americans to save for retirement on their own. What does the Republican platform say other than ‘SCREW YOU, YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN’? Well, of course we all have to save on our own; many corporations kicked us to the curb ages ago when they decided that pension funds — that were meant to provide for loyal employees in their golden years — should go the way of the Ford Edsel or the Dodo Bird. Additionally, aside from the corporations, we know that both of the major political parties have representatives damn you, Blue Dogs! who think nothing of tossing Social Security on to the budget table to be cut and sliced up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Almost one half of America’s working people do not have employer-supported retirement plans.  Nearly half; that is over 75 million people!  And, let’s be real, even those among us who have employer-supported retirement plans better give some thought to the “under-the-mattress savings plan” since the banks really ain’t shit do not offer rates of return that keep pace with inflation especially since they have to cough up all that money for their useless CEOs and the job creators corporations have been known to neglect funding their pension plans and/or raid more funds than Indiana Jones raided lost arks.

This may seem like an amazingly long election cycle because it IS, and it’s sheer torture to listen to FOX News talk about the candidates like they or those GOP candidates should be taken seriously but once we drown out the noise and focus on what matters like being able to eat and stay in our homes in our old age it comes down to, quite simply, what we want our future to look like. I want to know that after a lifetime of hard work, bankers can’t steal make poor investment choices with my funds and government officials won’t remove social supports that millions of Americans rely upon so that we don’t have to fight with our cats and dogs over who gets to eat the pet food.

It doesn’t even matter to me which Republican is running for office at this point; I’ve heard enough to know they’re all lining up to support every disastrous policy that they’ve had in the past, including destroying Social Security and Medicare. If we voters are paying attention, we’ll support those who want to make it easier for all Americans to participate in retirement accounts at work and support a system where employees have pension portability, so that workers don’t lose their pension if they change jobs if they’re lucky enough to have a job given all the GOP obstruction against job creation these days. It seems that people fundamentally know where they should place their support — at least if they believe that privatising Social Security is a really friggin’ stupid bad idea given that we know Wall Street and corporate leaders will screw anything not nailed down by a regulation. Enron and WorldCom, anyone?!?.

We’re really good about giving lip-service to “protecting future generations“; let’s prove it.


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