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The latest Congressional nonsense is really no surprise. Anyone paying attention would have known that the right expects all compromises to come from the left — and unless the left compromises, there is no compromise at all. Apparently, there will be no attempts to find solutions, either. House Republicans ran away from extending, for at least a two month period until there are more concrete solutions and agreements can be made, the payroll tax cut that benefits the middle class. That means the net paycheck will decrease for millions of Americans after January 1, 2012. This is merely a continuation of the concerted effort to bash the middle class into submission.

Why are they doing this now? Who the hell knows?? It’s fun for them to take hostages! What do they want as part of the deal? After all, there’s always a catch — it’s never about just ‘yay’ or ‘nay’, there’s always some pork attached to every bill. In this case, a straight-forward yes/no vote couldn’t be held because the hostages American people would have to be willing to put up with a rider to the bill that includes things such as a massive pipeline and even a 100 watt bulb addendum. *Sigh* Do these people think that they ALWAYS have to go out of their way to make things more complicated?

Actions speak louder than words. House TeaPublicans’ actions show that they believe the middle class is a burden that should be chucked out of the country. Their actions show that they believe they have been carrying the middle class in the form of all those lavish social support systems. It has escaped them that the middle class pays into those support systems and, along the way, the middle class managed to find the time and share their resources with the elites — by chipping in funds to bail out the wealthiest among us. Nonetheless, House TeaPublicans believe they gaveth unwarranted benefits  to the middle class for far too long — so now they must taketh away.

While the Senate’s bill would have prevented the payroll tax cut from expiring on January 1, 2012, House TeaPublicans put (Tea)Party first as usual, rather than country, and decided that they should have an all or nothing deal and then like the temper tantrum-throwing babies they are walk away to take their taxpayer-funded vacation for the holiday season.

Happy holidays, Middle Class!


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