Fix It!!


This is war(fare)“!

We’ve heard that declaration quite frequently though, in recent weeks, the rhetoric has toned down somewhat and been replaced by other nonsense spewed by the CONservative spin meisters. Despite being ratcheted down a notch, the whining and lying talking points from the right continue to focus on how the poor and middle-class have declared war against the ultra-rich. OK…sure, we’re at war — but don’t be fooled into thinking that this war, i.e., the “class warfare“, is a war started by the poor and middle-class against the rich. Those of us who are not part of the staggeringly wealthy class didn’t start this and, contrary to what some would have you believe sod off, FOX News, most people don’t have a problem with other people’s wealth — at least when that wealth is acquired fairly, equitably and not at the expense of others, the environment and our general security.

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich revived the argument discussion once again when he mentioned recently that President Obama has a “European radical idea towards class warfare”.  Huh?  WTLF is that? The gap in wealth levels between the top 1% and the remaining 99% is staggering. Equally mind-blowing is the amount of the nation’s debt burden for which the 99% will bear the burden. The debt and the wealth gap didn’t happen overnight; we’ve had at least 30 years thanks, Ronald Reaganto systematically weaken the supports holding up the middle class, trash job security, engage in numerous expensive wars and aid the financial services sector in the biggest heist transfer of wealth that this nation has ever seen.

The latest Senate nonsense, in running away from extending the payroll tax cut that benefits the middle class, is merely a continuation of the concerted effort to bash the middle class into submission. Now that a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut has been accepted and by “accepted” I mean that the TeaBaggers had to be shamed into doing something for their REAL constituents, the American people who aren’t just TeaPublicans to prevent a tax increase for the middle class as of January 1, 2012, perhaps a real discussion can be held in which what’s best for the majority of Americans can take place. I know…I’m not holding my breath — but it will be interesting to see the backlash in the TeaPublicans’ congressional districts. *Giggle*

The system is broken…and nearly all attempts to correct this sorry state of affairs have been blocked. We can’t break down the borders that divide people unless we have leaders who are willing to tell the truth and work for the benefit of us all. Politicians know that the people are angry and disgusted but the pressure on our elected officials must increase. Getting angry is great — but only if it leads to votes in a sensible, rational, mature so I guess that leaves out the GOP? direction AND new legislation that can FIX THIS MESS. At election time, voting against those who have made their anti-middle class/working people/unemployed/under-employed people agenda clear should be the first priority. The second priority should be putting an agenda in place that ensures the country can return to financial success for its citizens — which tends to happen when the economic gap between classes isn’t big enough to drive a truck through. Maybe the Robin Hood Tax is a tiny step in the right direction, as is something as straight-forward as the Contract for the American Dream.

It’s really simple: we should not place the future of this country on the side of the political right and their minions.



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