Nothing Changes…?

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*Deep breath*…Ahhh….that scent in the air! It smells like ‘fresh-and-new-year’ scent. *Inhaling deeply again…* The reset button has been pushed; it’s all about moving forward!

*SLAP BACK INTO REALITY* OK, enough of that. Back into battle gear. Or so the GOP would have it.

What, so early in the year, has me pissed the hell off so annoyed? I know I should have spent my first week or so after the turn of the new year relaxing and staying away from news feeds but, when I see the names of the GOP’s presidential candidates, I just can’t help myself; I have to look mostly because they stun me like a car wreck; I’m amazed and appalled that any one of them is STILL a candidate.

With the Iowa caucuses taking place within a few hours, the candidates are ratcheting up the rhetoric to ensure that prospective voters know their stance on a wide range of domestic usually social policies that, contrary to “conservative” principles seek to invade citizens’ personal lives and international issues. For example, Iran is now in the crosshairs and we know how dangerous Republicans are with guns, just ask Dick “Buckshot” Cheney.

Recently on CBS’ Early Show, Michele Bachmann said “We need to have our missile systems capable and ready to deliver. We need to send a very strong signal that the United States is on high alert and we will do whatever it takes”.  OK, nobody pays attention to her anymore. That sentiment has been echoed by Rick Santorum pleeeeaaase Google his name!. His poll numbers have significantly increased so, now that he has an audience of evangelicals, he’s trying to flex a little muscle. Rick’s revealing what a manly-man he is and that he’s able to focus on matters other than how to further trample on gay people someone PLEASE check Rick’s closet for skeletons…PLEASE!!. “I would be saying to the Iranians, you either open those facilities, begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors or we will degrade those facilities though air strikes…and make it very public that we are doing that”. He’s not alone in that sentiment — though the ever cautious Mitt Romney vascillates between being Mr. Practical-and-senstive one minute and Mr. ‘Street Cred’ the next can’t trust anything he says.

Here’s what they’re not taking into consideration: we are a war-weary nation, both in terms of lives lost and resources wasted. Unfortunately, with this crop of candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul who has admitted that he doesn’t envision himself in the White House and neither do I! all we will get is more of the same battle-ready rich and strategic diplomacy-poor actions.

So it seems that despite the fact that we’re in a new year, some things haven’t changed. And they won’t with this any of this bunch in a leadership position. U2 said it best: “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day“…or, at least, it won’t if the people of this nation wrongly place war-mongers in high-ranking positions.

Peace to us all.


Thanks to U2 for this song, New Year’s Day, from the 1983 album, War, on the Island label.


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