Going Forward With Mitt

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Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primaries yesterday. To most of us, that is no surprise. What still is a surprise, to me, OK, not really is just how far Mitt has come. That speaks well for his sense of self-preservation, determination and willingness to be flexible considering he has changed his own history just to appear ‘electable’ to the residents of TeaBagistan. It seems to me that anyone buying his ‘Mr. Middle America‘ and his ‘I’m just one of the fellas‘ routines hasn’t been paying attention — or, more likely, those folks are simply paying attention to only one of Mitt’s two faces.

The fact that any of the current crop of candidates has come this far is a testimony to the power of a strong public relations team and repetitive messaging. If you say something often enough and with the right amount of ‘sincerity’, people will buy it. The Jedi Mind Trick news team at FAKE FOX News knows this; that is why millions of dollars have been spent repeating the message that most of the country is conservative — even though it has been shown over and over again that even people who are conservative on social issues tend to lean left when it comes to civil liberties and support for safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. People are being told that they’re conservative, even when they’re not.

The messaging has proven effective because, even though we know better, the Teabaggers extremists have been victorious. How so? It’s evidenced by the fact that each candidate is trying to ‘one-up’ the other to prove himself as the only true conservative.  Mitt is the perfect example of that. His metamorphosis has been stunning; each candidate has attempted to wipe out tidbits of information that could prove displeasing to their supporters but Mitt’s ability to reverse himself and get away with it deserves credit. But it’s nothing short of a bait-and-switch.

They’ve all said things to make their base happy. The message the candidates deliver is that true capitalism means that Wall Street rules and accepts no blame because the market will take care of things. Medicare and Social Security are for those engaging in class warfare. Staying in/returning to Iraq forever makes America safer. Corporations are people — and those people are deserving of more tax cuts because they’re the ‘job creators’.  A woman’s right to choose and gays being treated like equal citizens?  Puh-leeeeze. Those issues rank as high on the list as science and math.

So we go forward. With the candidate the right has settled for chosen. Mitt and both of his faces are leading the pack…but when a man wears two faces, you never know what you’re going to get.


Image of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, from the animated series ‘Batman’.


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