It’s A Wrap – Week In Review January 29, 2012

Although we have moved forward by one week, events we discussed this week may make us wonder if we’re going backwards. Here we are in 2012 and we’re revisiting things that took place during the McCarthy era: loyalty oaths that threaten our ability to function as a democracy and ramped-up requirements that threaten trample on voter’s rights.

With the shenanigans of voter suppression come attempts at redistricting in order to tip the scales of power to one side over the other. For many of us it also brings forth feelings of nostalgia; we miss the days when heading to the voting booth represented hope. Those of us who were around during 1984 remember that feeling all too well when compared to looking at both the GOP debates and the compromises that current leaders have made in order to make even small gains.

In terms of going backwards we are not alone; beyond America’s borders there is backwards movement. In places such as Guatemala they are facing similar issues as those being faced in Mexico; drug wars, murders of people who disagree with government action and classism issues, and the fight for control over beautiful, lush land is a persistent problem for those striving for peaceful change. What occurs in other areas of the world shows that, though it’s not perfect here, we take much for granted such as our freedom of choice — whether it is our  religious traditions, or  even our ability to protest against that which we originally wished for.

Right now we’re trying to build momentum for the future while dealing with a ‘new normal’ — which means all of us must plan accordingly — and that includes those who have been affected and those who remain fearful of an economy that, while experiencing some growth, isn’t in the leaps and bounds needed to get to a place of consumer confidence. It’s reasons like slow growth and the loss of control to corporate and Super PAC interests that keep people trapped in the ‘every man for himself’ mentality of the Ayn Rands of the world.

As we move through this season towards a major election, we keep in mind that time is the great revealer; it has been said that whatever is done in the dark will, in time, come to light. Nobody is exempt from that ‘rule’; our political candidates must be aware that being a pretender simple means that there will be something down the road to derail their efforts. If we the constituents are to truly make gains, we need forthright people who will broaden opportunities for us all so that we’re not trapped in cycles that lead to industry declines and limited chances for those who are entering the job force to succeed.

So once again, another week has come and gone. And, as always, we move forward. Along the way, let’s educate, entertain and eradicate the borders between us.