Jihad. Mixed Messages. Regret.

Images: CCO Public Domain

Last month, a story broke that nearly 1,500 NYPD officers were shown a documentary during anti-terrorism training called “The Third Jihad“.  This revelation has created much controversy and goes to show that if you lead a horse to water, it just might drink that bright, red Kool Aid instead.

One media giant, apparently stunned and hungry for verbal bitch-slapping, published two articles, an op-ed, and an editorial in the past month claiming the film had “anti-Islam” themes and was inappropriate to show NYPD officers.

I’m a sucker for drama, so I watched it too.  The documentary opens up with footage of a 300-person hostage situation.  The shock factor was enough for me to keep watching, and an hour later I put myself into detox with a little medicine I like to call the Cartoon Network.

In viewing the film, I came away feeling afraid, insecure, and paranoid.  Even though that’s a Tuesday morning ritual in my house, the triggers changed.  I watched as the words “radical” and “Islam” were blasted across the screen.  I was aware of the vocabulary being used, and the script being read.  Narrator Zuhdi Jasser specifically outlined the radical madness of a peaceful religion, but I tend to get caught between lines.  I got lost in the images of children with machine guns and prison recruitment to broaden the base of radical believers.  I listened closely as one tragically insane mother boasted her joy in sacrificing her offspring for jihad martyrdom.

“Blow them up.  Blow them up everywhere they are,” a man screams wildly into the faces of enraptured believers.  To be honest, I thought, “I wish someone would blow me up!  Oops, I mean my career.”  Honestly, now I’m looking at everybody differently.  Maybe this guy could help me blow things up for me?  I could use it.  These people really know how to manipulate language for a cause!  I’m going to find them and employ them as my marketing team.  Imagine the potential success.  Think of the impact!

Zuhdi Jasser is the founder of AiFD.  I googled it too.  The American Institute for Floral Design is not what you want, people.  Except on Mother’s Day.  They do great work.  Instead, do some more digging and you will find American-Islamic Forum for Democracy.  Jasser has been ridiculed and outcast by many a Muslim leader for not publicly spewing anti-America hate.  Tsk tsk, Jasser.

Paranoia, insecurity, and fear are normal in the world we live in (in mine they are).  But, it is your job as an officer of the law to keep the peace, protect citizens, and uphold the law.  Nervously wondering whether radical Islam is going to rise up from the trenches to murder your adorable little blonde children won’t bode well when you go in for your yearly review with the commissioner.  He’s busy worrying about rape cases in addition to making appearances on videos he later regrets.  So many regrets

By the way, being jumpy is only good when you work on trampolines, not with guns and billy clubs attached to your hip.




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