A Little ‘Something Something’ On The Chain of Command: Respect For Your Superiors And The President

Image of disrespectful governor is in the Public Domain/ CCO

I am a Sailor at heart, and an enlisted Sailor at that. So, taking orders is not something I’m unaccustomed to doing.  Also, 14 and a half years in the military left me with a certain degree of ‘military bearing’ that has left me with the ability to handle myself in most situations.

For example, I can handle a butt-chewing from my boss, even when it’s not deserved, because I’ve been down that road many times before and I can remain calm and courteous because professionalism is part of the job, in my opinion, whether my boss shows it or not.

Do you know who could benefit a little from that thinking?  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Recently she invited President Obama to Arizona so that she could give the man a public dressing down in front of the cameras, complete with a finger wagging in his face (my grandmother would have told her, “Use your words”).

Gov. Brewer threw a temper tantrum on the tarmac, yelling at the President and wagging her finger in his face, completely forgetting(?) that she was speaking with the President of the United States of America.

And that is the heart of the matter: isn’t there a certain degree of decorum that should be shown to the sitting President of the United States?  Certainly he is deserving of more dignity than to be at the receiving end of a public temper tantrum.

I’m certain that Gov. Brewer expects a certain degree of decorum be shown her, due to her post as governor.  I am 99.9% certain that I can’t walk into her office and give her a piece of my mind.  Nor should I have that right.  She’s the elected governor of the state of Arizona and, as such, deserving of more respect than that — yet she completely failed to show the President of the United States the same degree of respect.  I have to ask, who does she think she is?

By wagging her finger in the President’s face, in all actuality, she risked the Secret Service’s wrath which, as someone who thinks her to be an ass, I would have enjoyed. But it will truly be a dark day when President Obama cannot handle the likes of Jan Brewer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to showing no respect for President Obama, she’s not alone.  Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie” at the President as he spoke to Congress.  Not only was it a serious and unprecedented breach in etiquette, it was slander and it went without admonishment by the Republican leaders.

But I guess, when I really think about it, it’s hard to expect any respect from a group of individuals whose defacto leader told a U.S. Senator to fuck himself on the floor of the Senate while Vice President.

You know, respect must not be a family value because you don’t find it much in the family values party.



  1. Meh, Obama kept his cool, that’s all that matters. She looks like an ass, he comes out as the mature one.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      “She looks like an ass”…yep…that about sums it up. Anything for book sales and to rally up the base, huh?

  2. Panama says he’s honored to have the number 2 post for February.


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