Moonbat Alert


Mitt Romney has forged a path to victory. He beat his opponents in the GOP Florida primaries by a solid margin even though many in his party still neither like nor trust him. He immediately laid out his priorities when he said, “While we celebrate this victory, we must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama.”


What about all those jobs that he, as Mr. Private Sector Experience plundering companies like a midnight marauder, says he did/can create; why not talk about that? Or how about pledging to take action to encourage all of those Fortune 500 corporations to hire domestically? You know, buy AND build in America?

Of course not.

How is it that the Right thinks that liberals and progressives are “moonbats” when it’s the Right’s lack of focus on what’s important to move the nation forward that is batshit crazy out of this world?

Since then, Mitt has found a great use for millionaires’ money: a “One-Term Fund” designed for his supporters — each should contribute $1 million towards Mitt’s drive to ensure that Mr. Obama serves only one term as President.

Not long after, Mitt, in an interview said “I’m in this race because I care about Americans. I’m not concerned about the very poor….we have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”  When asked by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, about this statement he then tried to clean up the smoldering pile of shit he stepped into clarified by stating that he’s focused on the middle class.

HAHAHAHAHA!!  Really? He’s goooodhe said it with a straight face!

Let’s be clear, Mitt: economic policies you support helped toss the nation’s finances under a bridge. And the thought of you sitting in the White House does little to make many of us believe we’d be on the right track. Why should we? You’re so out of touch that you don’t realise that those in the middle class are quickly becoming the poor. What are you proposing to do about that? More wingnut ‘rich-man-of-the-people’ rhetoric solves nothing; why don’t you try getting behind the Buffett Rule if you’re serious. Put your (and your supporters) money where your mouth is.

*Rolling my eyes, shaking my head…*

By the way, Mitt. It’s not “Barack Obama” to you: it’s PRESIDENT Barack Obama.  Say it a few times and let it sink in; you’ll have to if the poor you don’t care about let your words sink in — and VOTE.


  1. Great article! I didn’t think his comment would get this much press, but it really is hitting home for a lot of people. Any candidate that ignores or shuns the poor does so at his own risk. So far, they still can vote I think, right?

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Thanks, Derek! I’m glad this comment has received loads of press coverage. The thing that strikes me as ‘funny’ about the coverage is that it is proving that neither the left nor the right like or trust Mitt. He has been given opportunities to sidestep his comment but the more he talks, the more it shows he’s not the man of the people he professes to be.

      As for your comment about whether people can still vote, well, let’s just say the same old voter disenfranchisement tactics used decades ago are still alive and well. *Sigh*

      Let the games continue!


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