5 Annoying Things That Liberals Do

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Everyone has a list about something or other. I’m joining the list of people who make lists; my list contains the top 5 annoying things that liberals do.

  1. Bitch and  Complain about President Obama even more than those on the right do.  Hold your horses — am I saying he’s perfect? No. Not at all. He is, after all, a man.  And he is one who is working at making things better for all Americans, not just those who support him and his party. Am I saying that you don’t have the right to voice your opinion and hold his feet to the fire? No. Again, far from it. Believe me, there are days when our POTUS (that’s right, I said “OUR” because he’s YOUR President too) will say/do something that makes my far left/progressive side want to jump up and put him in a headlock. But then I think about the circumstances he inherited — and from whom AND, more importantly, the constant and consistent road blocks that he must face. For us. Have I received everything I wanted? No. But half a loaf is better than none. And, given the alternatives, I’m certain that even if the Wrongs Right came up with even a slice of a loaf, chances are it would be moldy.
  2. Disavow the President and the Democratic Party whenever he says/does something that you don’t like. Think for yourself and examine what your best interests are — and then what or whom, pray tell, do you think is a better choice? Women going back to the days of back alleys and hangers? Jim Crow laws for Black people? No child labour laws? Worker inequality? Really?  Again, I take a moment to remember that he’s not just my President but the President for all Americans — including those who still don’t believe that he’s an American ‘exotic’ as it may be, Hawaii IS a STATE!!
  3. Hide and run away from the words ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’. Stop being a punk! Why is being called that word enough to make some bend over cower in fear? I know that many bigots people started saying that they’re ‘moderate’ and claimed to be an ‘independent’ when the black guy won…*side-eye to you, Dixiecrats…* confronted but, for the rest of us, it’s a title that should be worn proudly. Remember, the opposite of PROgress is REgress or CONgress.
  4. Forget history. For example, eight prior Presidents tried to get some form of healthcare reform on the books.  Some…ANY…kind of reform. Even President Nixon wanted comprehensive universal coverage at one point it would be interesting to see today’s residents of TeaBagistan Republicans string Nixon up for even suggesting it. I would have preferred more comprehensive reform but I realise this is just a starting point; in its humble beginnings, Social Security began as a means to provide for widows and orphans until it was tweaked and amended into a system that now prevents millions from abject poverty.
  5. Sit at home. The “I’m staying at home on election day” crowd will ruin things for ALL of us. The “What difference does my vote make?” and the “Nothing ever changes!” crowd don’t seem to remember that conservatives are looking to take us backwards. WAH, WAH, WAH!!!  Put your big boys’/girls’ pants on and stand up for your rights! Staying at home while others ‘Occupy‘, volunteer at soup kitchens, work with the ACLU, fight with groups such as the Working Families Party or FrackAction or simply blog to get the word out means you don’t get to bitch raise your voice with loud complaints ALL the time.

One man cannot do it alone. When are you going to do YOUR part?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


  1. In my state primary I wrote in who I wish was running. At this point in time it seemed to me to be the only thing to do. I’m not knocking our president; just occupying my ballot. But yes, people should vote. If you don’t like the candidates, occupy you ballot or don’t complain about the outcome.


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