I SEVERELY Want To Be Free of Religion

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Freedom of Religion has been on the minds of many a GOPer of late. Republicans have been yelling and screaming that Catholicism is under full-fledged assault from President Barack Obama and Nicki Minaj; they might have a real beef with the latter of the two. According to Mike Huckabee’s battle cry, CPAC might as well have stood for Conservative People Are Catholic. It kind of makes sense. The economy is edging closer to competency and Mitt Romney is still “severely” disliked by the conservative base. Add these two things together and what do you get? Alas, the return of the culture wars. This movie sequel could be titled The Fight for Freedom of Religion. All are welcome – unless of course you’re a Muslim or a Non-believer.

Remember the whole Ground Zero Mosque sideshow from last summer? You know, the mosque that wasn’t really a mosque but even if it was a mosque who gives a shit because it’s all about Freedom of Religion, that mosque? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall many conservatives extoling the virtues of the Constitutional amendment during that debate. The tone was a tad more caustic: How dare they build that near the site where they attacked us? They/That = Worthless Terrorists With Their Temple of Doom = Muslims. Us = Real Americans = God fearing right wing Christians. Hypocrisy much?

On the flipside, the outraged rhetoric coming from the Catholic Church has been completely mindboggling. It actually prompted me to get all 140 character combative:

I guess when you’re a member of the Catholic hierarchy Freedom of Religion also translates to Freedom from Prosecution or Freedom from Culpability.

Freedom from… Now how’s this for a concept. The interpretative vagueness of the Constitution is one of its greatest strengths. One would never know it from the tenor of the coverage in the mainstream media or the Christian bent of the nation but, reading between the lines, the amendment also provides Americans with Freedom from Religion. In fact, many of the Founding Fathers weren’t too keen on having religion fit into the constitutional equation at all. They believed that public policy should be free of and from religious influence. In present day, that not only pertains to birth control but education, science, healthcare, economics, foreign affairs and overall political strategy.

Will this true meaning of the term Freedom of Religion ever be enforced in 2012 politics? From your lips…



  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on a fine article. Well written and Well done!!

  2. I AM free of religion…finally! And I concur with your article…

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Isn’t it funny how the very thing people think is so ‘freeing’ has become, in and of itself, a shackle? Of course, I’m biased; I have less than no use for organised religion, Derrill!


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