It’s A Wrap – Week In Review February 19, 2012

The Twitter feeds have been very active; so much has happened. Two things have dominated the news this week: the religious wrongs right’s imposition of their values on the rest of us (so much for religious freedom, huh?), and extensive coverage of Whitney Houston‘s life and legacy. For the latter, a wonderful tribute celebrating her life and impact she on the world of music made so many of us reflect on her talent. As a result of the former, many of us have become increasingly active and are making our elected officials know how we feel about them foisting their prior-century views on us …bunch of flippin’ hypocrites!!.

New Jersey’s Governor Christie‘s veto of a bill supporting marriage equality was yet another reminder that some folks will need to have their sloppy and backward-assed views dragged kicking and screaming into reality and this century.  At election time, I hope New Jersey’s residents remind him of the power of equality and the power of the ballot box. At least Maryland did the right thing.

Early in the week, Democratic women had to stand up to remind men (ok, males…they’re certainly not behaving like grown MEN) that women should be represented during discussions about women’s health and rights. To quote Nancy Pelosi, “DUH!!”  For women, the GOP is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, watching the GOP try to now paint themselves as a party that is, to use Michele Bachmann’s words, “…very pro-woman” is enough to make me think I could live without television because, clearly, much of the news that I need to know isn’t being covered.

The persistent myopic view in the political sphere is clouding what’s important, whether it’s what big business is doing or how we’re ruining our environment. The current crop of candidates, particularly with their inability to disguise their phony, sanctmonious piousness isn’t doing a thing to reassure me that they are capable of handling a leadership position.

They need to go home…sit down in a corner somewhere and behave themselves. And when they’ve seen the error of their ways then, maybe, some of us but not me will work to educate them and break down the barriers that exist between us all.