Ron Paul – A Biopsy, Part I

I ran into some surprising arguments with two of my friends after my last post on Ron Paul.  It was rather shocking to see support for this monster from two of my acquaintances.

I had no idea Ron Paul has managed to fool even sensible people. Apparently, he has managed some success with hiding his true agenda since one of those friends is exactly the type that Ron Paul hates:  Indian immigrant (read non-White) and a software professional (read urban).

The first argument is that Ron Paul appears more sensible in comparison to the rest of the Republican candidate crop for presidency: unlike other candidates, he at least does not make us puke.

I somewhat agree with this comment, though for a different reason. Over the years, Ron Paul seems to have worked on hiding his controversial hate-agenda. He has been successful in this endeavor  by questioning the motives and ethics of investigative journalists. His successive denials have planted a seed of doubt in the minds of people.

Is it possible that the journalists with a liberal agenda are fabricating proof against an extreme conservative like Ron Paul?

Fortunately, the answer is there for all to see.

Watch this snippet of an interview conducted by CNN:

Thirty-six seconds into the video, Ron Paul comfortably denies the allegation by his ex-staffers that include his own ex-secretary.  The interviewer then delivers a knockout punch with an alleged quote from Ron Paul. Ron Paul is stunned. Watch his reaction from 1 minute 21 seconds. First, there is a complete silence for a couple of seconds, and then when Ron Paul opens his mouth, it is obvious that he is clearly caught lying. Watch his body language, the way he says “Well!…I don’t know what he is talking about.” He then fumbles for words for a few seconds, regains his composure and gets back into the business of firm denial.

Please watch this tape and answer this question honestly; do you still believe in your heart that he did not approve these newsletters, month after month? Was he not aware of what is being written in his name? Were his staff so negligent and his readers so ignorant that none of them discussed these sickening beliefs with him?

Let us now take up his point that there is no point in digging up his long-gone past. Of course, it is possible that Ron Paul made a mistake and has reformed over the years. Everyone makes mistakes; no one is a saint and everyone is entitled to redemption. That is, everyone who owns up to a mistake.

The question is whether Ron Paul has ever owned up to his comments and apologized for them.  If not, then it is obvious that those comments are his true agenda and he still counts on support from white-supremacist-voters who share that view.

In part two, let us analyze his non-interventionist-foreign-policy approach that is helping him gain support from voters not comfortable with the foreign policy of United States.

Stay tuned.




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