Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Image: War album cover

Can’t we all just get along? Sometimes Progressives disagree; that’s human nature.  But we need to learn to do so without being disagreeable.  We need not concern ourselves with the divisiveness the Republicans appear to be going through. It’s time we got OUR house in order!  Re-electing our President to a second term is the common goal that should unite us.


Why can’t we be friends?

We don’t necessarily have to. Everyone  you work with doesn’t have to be your friend in order to accomplish a common goal. We may argue, debate, agree to disagree. Whatever we do and however we do it, all I know is this: We better get it together and get behind our President! 

Why?  Because in the end, despite all (current) appearances to the contrary,  the Republicans will unite and get behind whomever they choose as their nominee. Unlike the Republicans we don’t have to go through inter-party drama to choose a candidate — we already have our guy!  So let’s dance with the one who brought us.