This Being an Election Year…

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This is an election year, an Olympic year, a leap year. Today is our extra day. Now watch how it gets squandered. Watch our candidates jostle for position as lead panderer. I can only hope that it remains this way until November. It’s far more effective to let the Republicans figuratively kill themselves during the primaries than it is to shoot them in the barrel — the ballot box.

And believe me I know the ruling power isn’t perfect. There are, of course, things that Mr. Obama might have done with more urgency, actions and executive orders that he might have had more courage to take more quickly. But I’ll take the last four years over the previous eight, and I’ll take four more, thank you, before I shudder to find the White House occupied by believers in the one true Satan or Deseret.

Haven’t you enjoyed this nearly four years of well-spoken, articulate intelligence? Hasn’t this been a nice change? Eight years of paranoid, frat-boy, shoulder-rubbing nonsense. I think we’re spoiled by an intelligent man who can finish his sentences.

I am almost a cliché. But for the first time since Bubba Clinton my cliché has the spotlight. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I watch these men give interviews, Romney, Santorum, et al. and it’s like they don’t even have to speak. You know what their position is: pro-death, anti-choice, fairy tale-driven, money-loving martyr for the anti-working class rich. The difference is I recognize what I am. My belief system can be wrapped up in one word. Choice.


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