We’re In A Rush

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If you can’t say something nice…

Authorities said a suspicious package was sent to the South Florida home of right-wing radio ‘personality’ Rush Limbaugh. They reported that the contents weren’t dangerous and didn’t contain hazardous materials. It turns out that the package contained materials for a business proposal that a fan and supporter didn’t make Rush aware of prior to shipping it to Rush’s home.

Many of us thought it was as incendiary device. Based on the very active Twitter feeds many hoped it was. My first guess was that it was a big-arse box of oxycodone pills mixed with Viagra; what else does a drug-addicted loose cannon who needs, um, support, for said cannon have shipped to his home? Rumours that it was a bomb caught on quickly because people thought Rush may have become a target. The untimely death of  noted divisive fear- and uber right wing hate-monger Andrew Breitbart kept the rumours alive.

Yeah…I know…If you can’t say something nice…

But we’re used to Herr Limbaugh by now, aren’t we? After years of peddling his own not-so-unique brand of pomposity, is there anything that he can say that surprises anyone?  So what did Rush say THIS time?

Nothing surprising, really. The purveyor of pettiness and racist and sexist rants did what he does best: bleat out insults. This week, Herr Limbaugh, the man who is the walking poster child for why abortion should remain legal called a Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke, a “slut”.  What did she do to deserve his vitriol?  She simply had the audacity to state publicly that employers’ health plans should cover contraception. He later stated “Miss Fluke and the rest of you ‘Femi-Nazis, here’s the deal: If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

Plainly put, the man is scum. That said, I hope we don’t get too riled up because we know he’s a Viagra-chomping, and alleged hooker-seeking hound for attention. Let him get excited; I understand that too much excitement is not good when mixed with his preferred drug cocktails. It’s bad for the heart (does he have one?).

We don’t want him to end up like, oh, I dunno….Andrew Breitbart.

All that hate…tsk tsk tsk.

Let’s channel our disdain by supporting the boycott efforts; it’s looooong past time that those who keep Rush on the air lose our support. At the very least, we’ll be saving Rush’s life; less money means less access to drugs.

Just say NO.  But let’s say it to Rush and for Rush.  We need to help him out…of his job.

I KNOW!!! If you can’t say something nice…


  1. Eric Storch says

    Very few people can invoke in me my long suppressed neanderthal-ish tendancy towards violence. This f*cktard is one of them.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      I know JUST how you feel. No strike-throughs in this post; I knew it wouldn’t be possible to act like a lady where THAT one is concerned. Miserable bastard.

  2. Anyone who thinks the blowhard isn’t doing everything he does, and saying everything he says, for reasons other than making money is delusional.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      At this point I don’t even care why he does what he does; I’d just like to see him lose his national platform to spew nonsense and hate.

  3. Rush is an asshole with a radio show. No more, no less. That the Republican party has been hijacked by his and the Tea Party’s antics is their own fault. I wish he would fade into the depths of obscurity, where he belongs…and shut the f*ck up.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      *High five* Right.There. That doesn’t say much for the ‘Big Tent’ GOP that they’ve allowed this clown to take up residence and remain as long as he has. *Shudder*

  4. I am not allowed to listen to anything Rush says per my husband. I turn into a raving, ranting, stabby mess.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Your husband isn’t off base here; listening to Rush has been proven to elevate blood pressure and make otherwise rational people flip out. 🙂

  5. If you want to see Rush suffer just take away his little Oxycontin tabs. I know I’d go crazy without them… God Bless!


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