It’s A Wrap – Week In Review March 4, 2012

The end of another politically eventful week. During this past week, the big-mouth stole the national spotlight; the GOP’s poster child for bad behaviour, Herr Rush Limbaugh, behaved like, well…Rush Limbaugh. After several of his large sponsors fled the scene under duress, Rush issued a half-arsed apology. Consumer money talked and sponsors walked. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of that, um, incident; I’m waiting for news that Clear Channel Communications, his corporate overlord, drops Rush on his rather ample arse.

Throughout and after Rush’s vapid outburst what struck me as not-so-funny was how little the GOP’s presidential candidates stepped up to scold Rush. I suspect it’s because he has been the GOP’s defacto leader for so long that scolding him is out of the question; bowing and scraping before his Jabba-the-Hut-ness is more like it — he says what they think.

More interesting was finding out that Bain Capital, the company Mitt Romney managed, is one of the primary owners of Clear Channel — the owner/boss of most of the conservative radio talk shows across the nation. No wonder Mitt’s ridiculous response to Rush was not condemnation but, rather, that he would have ‘chosen different words’. Like what? Would he have gone back to yesteryear for words like ‘tart’ or ‘lace mutton’ (how’s that for way-back Victorian slang? Mitt is just that much of a throwback.) to degrade a woman who was simply asking about insurance coverage of birth control pills?

Information like this feels unreal at times; one owner controlling so much of what we hear doesn’t sound like something that should happen in the freedom-loving USA? We’ve moved from big competition to big business control.

Moving on, while many of us directed our disdain in Rush’s direction Rick Santorum took a back seat in the news. For now. Given his track record on matters such as separation of church vs. state and women’s rights in this society, I’m quite certain he’ll regain the national spotlight. After all, it’s an election year so each candidate must out-do the other to stay at the forefront of the voters’ minds.

What’s our responsibility throughout all of this? It’s to stay informed: know what those in positions of power think of you and what they think your place in society should be. Whether it’s an anti-choice agenda, issues such as domestic violence, climate change or prison sentence reform — or even what goes into the foods we eat standing up to make your voice heard can make all the difference in the world.

So now a new week begins and for many it will be business as usual. More primaries leading up to the GOP’s chosen one. Given their limited appeal it’s tough to say why anyone who isn’t a multi-national conglomerate would want to choose one of the current crop; the lack of respect shown to women, the complete willingness to dismiss the education system and a lack of respect for the environment should show people where they should cast a vote.  I know who I’m following in November.



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