Ron Paul – A Biopsy, Part III

In the previous two parts, we have looked at Ron Paul’s racist past and why there is a very strong possibility that he continues to believe in the white supremacy.

In this part let us look at his positions on various issues and understand what he is proposing will bring more violence to this country.

I had multiple offline discussion with various people over my previous articles on Ron Paul.  One thing that emerged from the discussion that Ron Paul is gathering support from unlikely sources because of his stand against war and his promise to legalize drugs (and thus reducing violence even further).

The offline discussions covered a wide swath of personalities and I was shocked and saddened to find that some highly intelligent and analytical minds support his position on war and drugs. I could think of only one reason to rationalize this support: people in this country are fed up with war and violence. They are willing to give a chance to anyone who is promising direct action.

The million-dollar question is whether Ron Paul’s policies will bring peace.

It is well-know that Ron Paul is against American boots on foreign soil. Nice! Except that, there is a small problem with this. He is not against war, per se — he is for small government. Small military is the direct result of small government and hence his policy on war. I doubt whether he has any objection if the US nukes the hell out of some foreign country.

There are just too many problems with Ron Paul’s policy on war but the biggest issue is the promise to disengage immediately from all the foreign issues in which the US government is currently involved.

One has to grant the fact that this country has indulged in some ill thought of wars in the recent past. No one can deny this. This is a legacy of Reagan’s foreign policy. However, anyone who, like Ron Paul, proposes going to the other extreme must be smoking something especially powerful. Getting the US military unilaterally out of the current conflicts would be a disaster of gigantic proportion, not only for the US but for rest of the world as well. It will certainly bring about more violence, not less.

I know that you are desperate but the situation is not as hopeless as you would imagine. There is a way out. Why not consider the Obama approach? You have to agree that he has an effective, win-win approach to get this country out of the mess.

Let us now look at Ron Paul’s policy on drugs. Like his policy on war, his ‘legalize drugs’ position comes from his belief in ‘small government’.

When people support his approach on drugs, they are confusing it with policies of European countries that have effectively legalized drugs and successfully brought down the crime rate. This is not the same as what Ron Paul is proposing; Europeans have legalized drugs but still maintain heavy government involvement. There is enough information on the net about the European approach to legalizing drugs. You can read it yourself and make an informed opinion. Do remember to read about soft drugs such as cannabis and hard drugs such as cocaine.

What Ron Paul is proposing is completely idiotic and unworkable — he is dis-allowing the government to interfere in the drug trade. That is every drug known to humans, not just marijuana. Everyone would be free to manufacture drugs and sell them at their own will. Imagine a home based meth-manufacturing business in your community supplying to meth-addled brains. Is this the future that you are looking forward to?

You may like Ron Paul’s claim about war and drugs but please do consider the fact that his claims originate from his belief in small government. Ron Paul does not care for peace; he only cares for small government — even if it is certain that his policies are going to bring more violence and destruction.


  1. I dont know anything about politics, but can small goverment lead to states rights?
    I see why he has so many supporters drugs being distributed all willy nilly without any punishment. I personally dont think enough American citizens have enough evolved intelligence that alot of European nations have. They can handle a society where you can buy and sale drugs, they seem to be able to handle things in moderation. I dont think enough people in America can handle that at all.

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