What is Really Behind the War on Women?

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Is it Natalism or (White) Nationalism?

The term “Natalism” or “pronatalism” means to be “pro-birth.”  It is a belief that promotes human reproduction via child bearing, often by seeking to limit access to abortion and contraception.  It may also provide for financial and social incentives to increase the non-immigrant population, especially in western nations and developed nations.

All the recent attempts at restricting the reproductive rights of women in America have been deemed tantamount to a “War on Women.”  On the surface it certainly appears to be just that.  Scratch the façade and look deeper:  The reality is the origin of this movement has far deeper, more nefarious roots.

I, too, initially thought that Conservative Republicans were simply attempting to insure they had future populations of (male) offspring to retain their hold on the power structure in the U.S. by making sure that their women “shut up and stay knocked up.” If that is what their women want to support, more power to them — just don’t try to impose your beliefs on all women in this country by making it the law of the land.

They have not only been bad-mouthing birth control as if this were the middle ages but, in some states like Texas, that in 2011 enacted a law that goes so far as to subject women to what is no less than a form of sexual assault in attempt to discourage them from undergoing an abortion.  You read that right; under the Texas Penal Code “sexual assault” is defined as “intentionally or knowingly caus[ing] the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of another person by any means, without that person’s consent.” They force you to give consent for transvaginal ultrasound if you want to proceed with an abortion.  Sounds like sexual assault to me.  Sounds like an extreme form of Natalism, right?

How can it have anything to do with White Nationalism if they are trying to restrict the reproductive rights of all women?  The master plan at the core of this “War on Women” has a place for all the babies they seek to save. There is a hierarchy which basically subjects  non-white or “lesser races” to a form of social genocide.

While Rush Limbaugh and other Rethuglicans are being repudiated for their controversial inflammatory comments, the architects of the movement are  busy working behind the scenes. One of these “master planners” is John Tanton who is quoted as saying “To populate is to rule”. Just what he means by this and how he plans to implement it is beyond scary.

You think this is just a “War on Women”?  Think again.

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