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Gas. This is one of the central items for our national security and stability. And still the powers that be defend the status quo. And fight to the death to slather the butter of their menace on the bread of truth.

ExxonMobile’s CEO Rex Tillerson, defending his $10.3 billion profit last quarter, “As I look at just the supply and demand fundamentals, I would not expect prices to reach $5.” The man wouldn’t be happier.

The lives lost. Iraq. Afghanistan. What do you think that’s about? You are cynical, a liar or stupid if your answer isn’t oil.

So what do we do to change things? First, we bring the boys back home. Then we agree to pay $10 a gallon for gasoline until we can manage an alternative. They’re out there. It’s going to be hard for a little bit. We sucked it up for the depression. This may be more important.

The Middle East is a problem that can’t be solved with any kind of immediacy. But we are literally pouring gasoline on the problem.

Now we have the Keystone pipeline. Another rejection of what is truly valuable or sacred for the almighty dollar. “If another vehicle pops up, expect a try to put it on there,” Mike McKenna, an oil industry lobbyist and president of MWR Strategies Inc. in Washington, said in an e-mail. “Especially since a bunch of the Democrats are clearly caught in a bad position on it.”

Republicans fall in order, feeding the beast. Big oil. All the money. We need to juxtapose the money over the actual cost. The lives lost. The environment. We are literally killing ourselves. Take of the foot off the pedal of big oil. They’re never going to do it.


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