It’s A Wrap – Week In Review, March 11, 2012

What’s going on, brothers and sisters? OK, if you’re wondering why I’m calling you “brother” and “sister” it’s not because I’m having a 1970s throwback moment. It’s because I think that, like family, we’re all in this together — whether we like it or not. Frankly, I like the ‘brothers and sisters’ tag because it surely beats the names that are thrown about today (*STILL giving the side-eye to you, Rush Limbaugh…*He wasn’t joking; he was, and still is, quite serious).

That said, because we’re still in Women’s History month, I’d like to thank Rush. Why? Because he made the womenfolk UPset. Truly PISSED…I love it! There’s nothing like a smart and upset woman to focus her vision and affect change. Women are paying attention! And, by the way, if this is what it takes to wake liberals up to the fact that we can’t afford to be apathetic, then, YAAAAY Rush!

When we women are empowered we gather strength; we find our way to the very independence that will take us out of messes and, simultaneously, guide entire nations towards progress. We are not shackled by our identity as some women are by their culture, skin colour, and geographic location so we truly have power. And, when we’re very fortunate, we have support — not only the support of great men but the support of our laws.

We know that not everyone is in our corner; under the guise of true liberty, some would send us back to the dark ages. Some who oppose progress seem less harmless because they’re exceptionally daft but they need to be put on alert that women aren’t ready to regress. We want — and have the right — to make our own choices regarding how we live our lives, control our bodies and the choice as to whom we give our love and respect.

All of us, women and men, should pay attention. We must educate ourselves — and take note of those who show us that what they want for themselves is not the same as what they want for us. It’s only when their feet are held to the fire that we will get real progress. We vote; we’re not waiting for karma to affect change for us.

Going forward, how about we direct some of our focus back to poverty (something that could be mitigated somewhat if Big Oil paid their fair share of taxes, hmmm?). Time to get back to work!  And, along the way, let’s educate, entertain and take some time to eradicate the borders between us.


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