It’s A Wrap – Week In Review, March 18, 2012

We’re wrapping up another great week at BNV. Whoo Hoo! If you ever learn anything about this Brooklyn Dame, it should be that I believe BNV has the most insightful writers. Have a look at what you may have missed during the week and read our take on some important issues in the news.

We’ve had some common themes. As I look at the subjects I can’t help but feel that it’s like deja vu all over again. Don’t you sometimes feel as though there is some force at work doing its best to make sure we don’t move forward? And why?

How about these:

– Social issues and the War on Women

  • The power of the birth control pill reminds us of all the progress women have made in and out of the workforce. One can easily be reminded of the Susan B. Anthony quote, “No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her.”
  • And, in the tradition of Ms. Anthony, we know that strong and independent women will always fight back. Do women have a choice? You can’t turn back the hands of time any more than you can un-ring a bell.
  • What year is this anyway? Haven’t we moved far enough that women don’t have to be subjected to derogatory name-calling?

– Proposed changes to laws. Some of the changes go against so much of what makes America, well, America. Isn’t all of this ‘stuff’ that’s from the past — and wasn’t this resolved? Why the back-peddling now?

Sometimes you have to take a look at what happened to get things to where they are now.

– Here’s a root cause for you:

  • Sarah Palin‘s legacy. *Yikes…*, and a suggestion to avoid that kind of destructive silliness in the future, voter IQ tests instead of IDs. We’re just saying…
  • The war on sex, just a distraction from other issues.

– How we the people exercise our rights:

  • Here’s a great refresher in government and civics. As we watch the primaries and caucuses, it’s good to keep this information in mind.
  • Exercising our power

– And here’s where much of the nation’s focus has been: religion. Is it taking focus away from economic issues?  Whether or not it is, it is clearly an issue many of us believe is important:

  • A candidate’s religion which, at some point, may not be relevant at all…but that’s quite a way into the future.
  • Christian and liberal – a really interesting take on the subject, especially since many on the Right run on what they claim are ‘Christian principles’.

Of course, without a planet to call home Newt Gingrich’s Moon colony isn’t up and running yet, all of these arguments become moot points.

So there you have it.  Now, if we can go back to finding more ways to improve the nation’s economy we can get folks back to work so they can pay their taxes. What are your thoughts?

We’d like to know.