Republicans’ Disregard for Latinos

The Right-Wing Presidential wannabes can kiss the Latino vote goodbye. Normally, when you have respect for others, you tend to be sensitive to their condition. Throughout  the campaign however, the 3 Stooges have made it clear they don’t plan to seek the Latino vote to win.  They prefer the Ring-Wing base-haters and Tea party activists’ prejudiced view of a White America.

Romney is against undocumented immigrants and offers a so-called humane immigration approach laughably described as “self-deportation.” In a poll taken by their own kind – Fox News – Romney would only receive 14% of the Latino vote against President Obama!  He vowed to veto the Dream Act, a bill intended to provide some undocumented students and soldiers a path towards citizenship. The bill is supported by 91% of Latinos, according to a recent Pew study. He really put his foot in his mouth when he criticized Santorum for voting for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and calls her an activist judge!  Well Justice Sotomayor is Puerto Rican and, as you can imagine, a hero on the island.

In Santorum’s case, he figures he can get the Latino vote by turning them against gays. Does that sound like he cares though? Not one bit! Oh and by-the-way Puerto Rico – you need to learn English before you can become a state. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens by birth and English is a required course in school.

Newt is no better.  He thinks Latinos must be stupid to think his 5 reasons (below) for Latinos to vote Republican have any support. Of the 5 listed, number 3, Latinos do want jobs but do need benefits like unemployment to carry them until a job appears.  Number 2 is a joke. Don’t you think President Obama would have lowered the price of gas if he had the power?  Newt will be no more capable of lowering the price of oil.  Keep in mind that oil – including any we may produce ourselves – is sold on the open market. That fact combined with the speculators hoarding oil to keep the prices up is a problem that will not go away soon.  As for number 1, President Obama is not assaulting the Church.  Latinos are not stupid enough to fall for that and Latino women are very heavily in favor of contraceptives. Items 4 & 5 are laughable!  Is this the best he can do?  So Latinos should somehow go crazy for Newt because his daughter speaks Spanish – really?

  1. “Many [Latinos] are Catholic and find Obama’s assault on the Catholic Church to be totally unacceptable.”
  2. Hispanics should support his plan to get gasoline prices below $2.50 a gallon.
  3. Hispanics don’t want benefits, but jobs.
  4. There are 17 Hispanic co-chairs in his campaign in California.
  5. That his daughter speaks fluent Spanish.

The bottom line is that the 3 Stooges have bet their money on attacking President Obama on the economy, claiming an imaginary assault on religion, and solidifying the immigrant hater vote.  This last one won’t be hard.  Just a few days ago hatred and ignorance spilled over into a basketball game when the Southern Mississippi band led chants of “Where’s your green card” when Kansas State point guard Ángel Rodríguez  — a Puerto Rican — was at the free throw line in an NCAA tournament game.”  So if you look Latin, you must be illegal – ya right!!  Let us know what you think.


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