We’re Not There Yet

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It’s Women’s History month.

I have seriously been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, knowing I wanted to write something about it.

I mean, I am a woman who has her Bachelors and Masters degrees, a job, a happy marriage, and two little boys.

I vote and get to write about my opinions.

Clearly all the strong, powerful women who came before me accomplished much of their missions.

So why do I hit a wall of anger every time I sit down to write something celebrating women?

Maybe it’s because after more than 35 years people are still debating whether or not I have a choice when it comes to my own body.

Or perhaps all this hullabaloo about being able to get affordable contraceptives is going on.

It could also be the insanity in the mom blogging world (not helped by talk shows such as Anderson Cooper’s) about whether working moms are lazy because they let other people raise their kids.

Then there is the rabid fight among fellow mothers about breast feeding vs bottle feeding, taking medication for my depression while pregnant, getting a repeat C-section instead of a VBAC, and the list goes on.

Women are not just fighting men for equal rights and position anymore (which we still are, by the way. Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you otherwise), but we are fighting each other about what is ‘right’ as far as being a woman and a mother.

It is frustrating to me.

I want to fist pump and burn my bra (ok, maybe not that. I need that support) in celebration of how far we’ve come. But the pessimist in me just sees all the new battles amongst the old; sees that we, as women, are holding each other back.

This is my wish for Women’s History Month:  That we not just celebrate how far we’ve come, but realize that we did it together, and that we need to stick together and continue to bust through that ridiculously cliche glass ceiling.


  1. AWESOME POST! I hate that so many women look at each other as competition. I know that I do it sometimes, but I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop judging women by what they look like or how they act or whether or not I view them as competition. It doesn’t matter who is prettier or smarter or who has the better outfit. What matters is that we support and encourage each other throughout life and the different choices that we all make when it comes to how we live.

  2. The worst part is the fact that yes, men are continuing to hold us back, but even worse, we’re holding ourselves back. Women have teamed up against one another, forgetting that we’re all fighting the same battle. Until we learn to work as one, we’ll always have someone running over us!

  3. AMEN! I wrote similar thoughts last week.. Instead of fighting each other, why not embrace the fact that we’ve come so far TOGETHER.
    There was a time in the not so distant past, that teachers weren’t allowed to be married women, birth control meant no sex and mothers stayed home whether they wanted to or not.

  4. Amen! Standing ovation from me. I couldn’t agree more. I created the Take the Pledge Campaign, trying to get women to stop fighting and start supporting each other:



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