Eh, You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Medicaid!

With the current war on vaginas and uteri in full swing, I imagine moderates and progressives across the US and the globe are wondering, “What in the bloody hell is going on in America?” It’s completely amazing, and not in a good way, how far the GOP and Religious Right are pushing such crazy agendas. Trans-vaginal ultrasounds for abortions, “personhood” amendments that give zygotes more rights than a legal voting-age woman, the evils of hormonal prescription birth control…the ever-growing list is absolutely mind boggling.

Friday morning, as I was making my internet rounds, I came across a non-shocker of an article fresh out of Texas. Governor Rick Perry, late of the Presidential race, had a hard-on for Planned Parenthood due to the misguided notion that they solely provide abortions. Therefore, Texas has lost Federal Medicaid funding that helps run many low-cost clinics, including Planned Parenthood.

That is not Planned Parenthood’s focus for Pete’s sake! It’s been said time and again that only 3% of services provided are abortions. Coupled with the fact that Federal monies cannot be used to subsidize abortions…well, we know the Rich White Conservatives can’t be bothered with facts.

Looking beyond the Planned Parenthood aspect, cutting Medicaid funding to the low-cost clinics in general means low-income Texans of any sex and age are being told, “Texas doesn’t value you as a human being. Texas doesn’t care if you get sick and suffer for weeks on end. Texas won’t help you if you have a life-threatening disease. In fact, Texas hates you.”

It’s like what former Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida said on the House floor regarding the Republican health care plan, “Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.”

Perhaps this country needs to hit rock bottom in a way that hasn’t been seen since the mid-50s. Maybe prescribed contraception and abortion needs to be rendered illegal. Maybe taking away Constitutionally-protected rights will give us the fuel we need to fight back against the GOP and ultra-conservatives. Hell, let’s take away voting rights from minorities and women!

Oh yeah, Republicans are working on that issue too.

Generation X, my generation, was darn lucky. We grew lazy and didn’t keep a vigilant eye on the gradual eroding of our rights. We didn’t know what it was like to fight for the Equal Rights Amendment, only to have it fail during the ratification process. We read about the Civil Rights Act and watched grainy videos of Dr. King in history class. I was 4 years-old when Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court. Generation X had it easy.

The Millennial generation needs to get fired up and take back our great nation from those who wish to force us back to the “Happy Days.” I’ve seen footage of powerful protests from Virginia, Oklahoma, and Alabama and I hope the Millennials have found their voice… and Generation X needs to support them. The War on Vaginas may not affect us much anymore but it will affect our children.


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