Give More Power To The People

For God’s Sake, Give More Power To The People…

Doesn’t this make you wonder how much has changed if these songs are as applicable and relevant today as they were when they were first made?


Lyrics of the song by the Chi-Lites:

For Gods sake, you got to give more power to the people

There’s some people up there hoggin’ everything
Tellin lies, givin’ alibis about the people’s money and things
And if they gonna throw it away, might as well give some to me
Yeah they seen and heard it, but never had misery
There are some people who are starvin’ to death
Never knew but only hate us [?], and they never had happiness
Oh, oh, oh, if you dont have enough to eat, how can you think of love
You don’t have the time to care so it’s crime youre guilty of, oh yeah

For God’s sake, you got to give more power to the people
For God’s sake, why dont you give more power to the people

Cut this jive and see who’s got the power to kill the most
When they run out of power, the world’s gonna be a ghost
They know we’re not satisfied, so we begin to holler
Makin’ us a promise and throwin’ a few more dollars
There’s no price for happiness, there’s no price for love
Up goes the price of livin’, and you’re right back where you was
So whatever you got, just be glad you got it
Now were gonna get on up and get some more of it


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