Set The Record Straight

The mainstream media (and various statisticians and gamblers) seem to be calling it a win for Mitt Romney. As of last week, Mitt “Etch-A-Sketch”  Romney had 49% of the 1,144 delegates needed to win. Rick Santorum would have to win 70% of the delegates in remaining primaries in order to snatch the nomination from Mr. Romney. Personally, that’s the scenario I’d prefer to see because Rick doesn’t have Mitt’s ability to change his stripes or flip flop convincinglyhit the reset button‘ the way Mitt does.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has called for party unity given the high stakes; it is fully expected that by the time all of this becomes official, even professional hissy fit-thrower Newt Gingrich will toe the line and walk  in lock-step behind the GOP’s winner.

But let’s look ahead. No matter which of the remaining four candidates (yes, Ron Paul is still in the race!) becomes the GOP’s chosen one, the misinformation is already out there Thanks, FOX (Not)-News! to confuse those who don’t know better aren’t aware of the President’s real track record. Let’s start to set the record straight.

Americans have experienced 24 consecutiv­e months of private sector job growth and a jobless rate that is at a 3-year low. And those “job creators” who bitch and moan complain that they need a more favourable tax environment in order to succeed need not complain; ask the oil companies and banks — they don’t exactly strain themselves coughing up contributions to the nation’s coffers.

The gross domestic product (GDP) has expanded and the nation’s bookies (i.e., Wall Street brokers and analysts) are enjoying every bit of the overall improvement in stock market valuation. We’ve seen increases in bank earnings, thanks to both the bailout (and the fact that banks see no need to keep their loyal employees). When it comes down to an issue of workers vs. an improved bottom line, the bottom line wins and, as a result, corporations are experiencing the highest ratio of profit-to-worker wages in 61 years.

Yet and still, the Republican­s are not content, as evidenced by their need to bash the middle class.

Their angst reveals itself in the form of persistent obstruction. It’s unfair for the GOP to say out of one side of its mouth that they want  tax reductions yet Republican­s refused, out of the other side of their mouth (and multiple times), to continue the President’s payroll tax deduction, which provides an average of an additional $1,500 per year in deposable income. That’s a big deal for the average middle-class family. What was their reason? They were keeping their promise to Grover Norquist — the man who has made it clear that it’s ideology first, party second, country/middle- and lower-economic class American people last. As Americans for Tax Reform’s leader he guided the GOP into more obstructio­nism; they proved their Grover loyalty by voting against a mere pittance (0.7%) of a tax increase on over 300,000 multi-millionaires. When the GOP bleats that the President should be doing more to create jobs, they should note that approving the millionaire’s tax would have generated sufficient revenue needed to create over 600,000 sorely needed infrast­ructure repair jobs. Wouldn’t that have been fair given that under the Bush tax cuts, the the top 2% received an average break of $67,891 in 2010 while the average income for the bottom 98% was $39,239 during that same time period?

Republican­s have made it clear that their goal is defeating President Obama so that explains their actions of thwarting job creation and middle class tax reduction efforts. Those actions help to keep unemployme­nt levels high because, as history reveals, high unemployment keeps sitting presidents from getting reelected.

Other than spewing Santorum all over the campaign trails, how has the GOP spent time over the past 3 years? Can you think of anything other than blocking bills designed to increase revenue, obstructin­g job creation bills introduced by the President, passing over 200 bills that renamed government property (including buildings and parks) after an assortment of Republican­s? Yes, they have made plenty of time to attack the Environmental Protection Agency and further their flat-Earth theories but that doesn’t count.

How utterly constructive.

The President can speak for himself:

More to follow — after all, there is a large body of accomplishments to cover, even if you don’t hear about it is the mainstream media.


  1. Well said BD!


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