I Am Every Woman

Something to consider as we close out Women’s History Month, 2012.

I’m every woman, it’s all in me (Strength, courage, ambition)

Anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally (From creating life to creating empires)

I’m every woman, it’s ALL in me (The fight to be respected  and accepted as an equal)

I can read your thoughts right now,  Every one — from A to Z (It doesn’t take much to read the minds of those who are trying to keep us in ‘our place’.

Just remember:  Your thoughts about us will influence how we vote


I ain’t braggin’—‘cause I’m the  one  (Make no mistake, we  know our power. And you will too, when November arrives.)

You just ask me and it shall be done  (Women have accomplished just as much as men, despite facing more obstacles and lacking support.)

Don’t bother to compare (There is no comparison to a woman!)

Cause I’ve got it (Hell yeah, we’ve got it!  We have the power to turn the whole world upside down and back up again!)

As women, we should be proud of all our accomplishments. We have the power to overcome every obstacle placed before us.

We must wield our collective power in a mighty way to bring back balance. To do this we need every woman to stand up and join the fight against the resctrictions on women’s reproductive rights and all other issues that target us.

We must show those who are trying to drag us back into the past that we are not push overs, and they can’t put one over on us either!

We must recognize the strength of our collective power and let our voices be heard!

Let them hear from Every Woman a resounding, “NO! You will NOT take us back to the days when we had to put up with being called ‘Sluts’ and ‘Whores’.”

“NO you will NOT make decisions for us concerning our bodies.  You will not tell us when, if or how we are to bring forth life!”

I hope that all women are paying attention to what the current crop of Republicans vying for their party’s nomination are saying and doing;  they are determined to exert control over the rights of Every Woman.

We are fully functioning, well rounded individuals. We influence change in the world and that makes each and Every Woman worthy of the right to decide for herself, what her place will be in history.  Let Every Woman join in putting them back in their place, which is beside, not in front of us.


Image Credit: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net