It’s a Wrap – Week in Review, April 1, 2012

It’s April Fool’s Day in the United States!

How very appropriate given the amount of sheer foolishness we’ve been subjected to this past week. Let’s start the recap with Justice Scalia; he ought to be ashamed of himself. His statement comparing medical insurance coverage to people being forced to eat broccoli was a lousy analogy at best and exceptionally disingenuous at worst — but not surprising at all. But then, what should I have expected from a Justice who doesn’t want to spend time reading the very law about which he’s opining. *Rolling my eyes. HARD.*  Once again I say that someone should have asked me if I pre-approve of the far-Right side of this Supreme Court.

In continued acts of tom foolery, the concerted effort to paint Trayvon Martin as an aggressor reeks of “same old, same old.” If that weren’t bad enough, the despicable racist comments spewed all over social media prove, unfortunately, that for all of the times we get better as a nation there are still many walking (and carrying guns) among us who are never going to get past the dysfunction of their assumptions. We still have a very long road to travel before we can truly say that race no longer matters.

None of this should be surprising — no matter how upsetting it is. After all, if we can’t get the morally bankrupt people who want to lead this nation to speak the truth why would we expect ‘regular’ citizens to do anything other than follow their example? And, without that truth and freedom from the fear of repercussions, we cannot effectively hit a reset button and discuss problems in a manner befitting adults.

Many of us are taught at a young age to be careful of what we say. Words have power. The great thing about being part of a free society is that we are (generally?) permitted to speak our mind, practise our religious (or non-religious) beliefs, and stand up for the things that matter to us and the environment in which we live. If we’re not allowed to do so, we may as well be in…. <you fill in the blank; what’s your version of ‘hell on Earth’?>.

There are many places around the world that are making important strides, whether through technological advancements or through its citizens speaking up for fairness and peace; it’s about making progress and tearing down the walls that divide us.

What kind of country do you want to live in?