The Right-Wing’s Secret Weapon to Win 2012

Looks like Mitt Romney will end up being the Republican Presidential nominee.  So who’s the Vice President in waiting?

Some, like Florida Governor Jeb Bush, would like it to be junior US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. Yes, their secret weapons is Rubio!  The GOP figures that once Latinos hear Rubio is the VP nominee, they will all come out to the streets and dance away the night to the sounds of Mariachi — wetted down with Patron Tequila!!  But hold on, “NO SOMOS RUBIOS,” (We are not Marco Rubios!) was initiated by “Presente Action” to protest and make known Rubios’ anti-immigration record.  Make no mistake – it is ANTI-immigration!

Jeb Bush came out in favor of Marco Rubio for Vice President however, given his lack of experience and relative youth it appears likely that the only real reason is to secure Latino votes.  Are we stupid? If anything he may get the Cuban vote but Cubans are just a small fraction of the Latino voter block.  Most Latinos in the U.S. are of Mexican descent, followed by Puerto Ricans — and they don’t care for or trust Rubio.  Again the Republicans demonstrate their ignorance, and their lack of true interest or concern for Latinos by thinking they can get the Latino vote simply by having a Latino on the ticket.

Just so you know, here are some of Rubio’s positions:

  • Opposed President Obama’s stimulus package;
  • Voted for the Ryan Budget, which kills Medicare;
  • Against President Obama’s Health Care law;
  • Voted against funding stem cell research;
  •  Would require ultrasounds before performing abortions;
  • Finally, he opposes the Dream Act!

According to the PEW Foundation, “More than 90 percent of U.S. Hispanics support the DREAM Act.” Not Rubio. Democratic Republican Gutierrez said, “Lately, he’s been going to the Latino microphones of America and saying, ‘Well, I’m telling my colleagues in the Republican Party that they should not be so harsh with their rhetoric.’ But then he says something to a different audience, including his Tea Party base.” This is just double talk.

Rubio is just like all the other Right-wing leadership and now crafting a Right wing sponsored  “Dream Act” that, as Rachael Maddow points out, “Leaves out much of the Dream.”  Basically, they want to trick Latinos into thinking the GOP supports them by providing students a path to LEGAL status but NOT citizenship. This will go nowhere.

Another point: Marco Rubio has been a Senator for about a year. You might say that is the same as when then Senator Obama ran for President — but what differs is Rubio’s singular achievement is, “A resolution designating September 2011 as National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.”  You really need to see this video in which Rachel Maddow discusses immigration, Mitt Romney and  Rubio:


Now ask yourself – does he truly stand for Latinos?  Don’t just believe TPL; do your homework and check what has been said and how he votes.  It is hard to imagine why any Latino would want to be a Republican today after hearing Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Romney – the list goes on.  Just do some research on your own to see what they have actually said.

The Progressive Latino (TPL)  is a blogger who established the blog “The Progressive Latino”. TPL believes the Progressive Movement is poised to transform America into a nation where every citizen has a “fair shot” as President Obama said, and that all citizens, especially those less fortunate have assured social and economic safety nets to carry them in their time of need. Although the U.S. Latino community makes up approximately 1 of 6 Americans, their voices are only beginning to be heard. Latinos can have a voice in their future. TPL seeks to inform, educate, enlighten and to advocate for progressive policies.



  1. isn’t this just another Sarah Palin scenario, except instead of finding a woman (any woman!) they will finf a Hispanic (any Hispanic!)? In McCain’s case- a man who could quite literally drop dead at any minute- the very thought of Palin taking over the White House sent shivers up the spines of very nearly every human on the planet. Republicans seem to have a difficulty in seeing people as individuals and think of them instead as voting blocks or perhaps merely shades of color. Once Ribio gets on the campaign trail and starts blathering, we may come to think that Palin as being somebody more silly than scary.

  2. Michelle Quevedo says

    This is an interesting analysis of Marco Rubio. I first heard his name listening to the live lobby interviews at CPAC with Huffington Post journalists. Almost every person who identified themselves as members of the Tea Party said that they wish he was running for president. Now I can see why they like him so much. He is very polarized. I would certainly hope Hispanic communities will shed more light on where Marco Rubio stands on the very issues that impact their community directly.


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