A Rant Against Hoodies

The deadline for my blog article is fast approaching and I am at a complete loss as to what to write.

It is not as if I am out of subjects; there are plenty. I had decided to begin a series that takes a look at the gun control debate in USA. The plan was to start with George Zimmerman, go backwards in history, understand historical precedence and accidents, and gain an understanding of both sides of the debate.

I firmly believe that there is always a method behind madness (for mentally competent people — libertarians please excuse…). It is important to understand this ‘method’ in order reach reconciliation otherwise the wound is going to fester without reconciliation.

Apart from my share of delusions about bringing peace to the world, this is the most enjoyable part of (my) blogging.  Researching and gaining an understanding of human behavior is a mental orgasmic experience for me.

However, I must delay my journey into the heart of gun control debate for a few days. There is something on my mind that consumes my attention whenever I think of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman. I find this thing so annoying that I get a headache as soon as think about it.

Image: CanStockPhoto.com

So instead of writing a well-researched article, this time I will use this space to rant about this ‘something’; Trayvon Martin’s hoodie.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have been the victim of racial profiling multiple times. The most annoying experience was when the receptionist of a big-five firm asked me whether I am a taxi driver and in their office to pick up someone. (I do admit; I was so overburdened with work that I had no time to shave for a week.) The point is that I understand the connection between Trayvon Martin’s hoodie and racial profiling.

What I find annoying is so many politicians wearing hoodies as a way of protesting the incidence.

My question(s) to them is: What the *beep* do you think you are doing? Who the *bleep* do you think you are kidding? Do you seriously think that this racism *bleep* is going away by wearing *bleep* hoodies? Why don’t you do something worthwhile instead of engaging in such largely symbolic *bleep* gestures that help you to get in front of *bleep* CNN?

So here is my request to you. If you know any of these politicians, thank them for their empty gestures and ask them if they are proposing any long-term plan of action that will make the problem go away.

You have to tell them that they are not fooling you. You have to tell them that they are not getting your vote unless they do something real.

Here is a thought, since Trayvon wanted to become a pilot, why not provide funding for programs like Experience Aviation? It will do more to get rid of racism then your empty *bleep* gesture of wearing hoodies.


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