It’s A Wrap – Week in Review, April 8, 2012

Did we end this week the same way we started? Conservative magazine, The National Review, just fired one of its writers. Why? Because the writer, a self-described ‘tolerant racist’, posted an article to white parents that relays the advice he gave his own children about the hazards of being in close proximity to black people.

B a c k w a r d s.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one who is doing his best to move the nation into reverse.  Rick Santorum ‘went there‘ in his not-very-reported Freudian slip of the tongue but, despite all of his wishful thinking that we don’t know what he said, we’ve still got our eyes on him — and where he wants to go.

B a c k w a r d s.

Continuing this theme, we have to look to the past to see how we arrived where we are now. Years of dirty politics and over 30 years of GOP damage are a struggle to overcome. And, with the help of ideas such as those submitted in Paul Ryan‘s budget, we’ll stay on the road to ruin unless we thwart those efforts at every turn. All he and, by extension, Mitt “Shape Shifter” Romney (who gave his support for that fiscal fiasco) seek to do is extend the era of corporate greed so the little piggies can continue to munch away at the trough. Though his campaign is coming to a close (and some are asking “Who?” when it comes to Ron Paul), Mr. Paul *shudder* has been the only GOP candidate to talk regularly about corporate greed. Not addressing such pressing issues will get us where, exactly?…

B a c k w a r d s

So, how likely is it that the GOP’s plans will change? Will they wake up tomorrow and see the direction their plans are likely to take the nation? Nah. Not likely at all. Let’s face it, if they’re looking at prospects like Marco Rubio and still seeking to provide as much in the way of cuts to education and environmental programs while simultaneously boosting tax amnesty for the wealthiest among us then it’s no wonder that young folks believe there is a severe lack of opportunity and they fear for their future.

How do we turn the tide?

Talk to our children. Read to them and help them understand that, despite the political battles, we are still fortunate. Explain to them that some people will always have an agenda and that even things that are supposed to provide comfort, such as religion, can be warped and used as weapons. Further explain that perceptions become people’s reality, even in terms of deciding who’s danagerous and who should be considered a martyr. Then lead by example: fight bigotry and discrimination in its many forms, work with people who may disagree, and learn to speak as one voice on issues of education, literacy and global poverty.


And then, move forward.





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