It’s A Wrap – Week in Review, April 15, 2011

Don’t you find yourself wanting to drift away at times? You know…just take a break and let your thoughts float away like a cool ocean breeze? I do! Like many of you, I don’t get to relax, enjoy nature and have ‘do nothing’ time as much as I’d like. Life gets in the way; responsibilities must be managed, chores must be completed and (paid) work must be done in order to repay debt obligations.  Of course, if you’re one of the financially blessed 1%-ers, well…you can tell us working stiffs what we are doing wrong because, after Ann Romney’s put-upon stay at home mother performance, we could almost feel guilty that she alone is carrying the mother load lode.*Rolling my eyes…HARD*

It’s after manufactured outrage and nonsense like that I find myself revisiting the question, “Are we freakin’ crazy that bad?”  I ask because it seems we have a knack for working ourselves into a frenzy over things that don’t or shouldn’t matter yet we push aside people and things that are important. We can do better.

OK, yes, I know that America certainly has issues but we’ve also come a long way. We know that we don’t have to sink into an abyss of problems — we can look to the past, learn from it and build ourselves into a better version of our vision for ourselves…if we so choose.

In this country, we have the opportunity to create new traditions and not be bound by old customs or beliefs. Not everyone around the world has the ability to say that. Limitations, whether because of financial reasons, ideological differences, or space considerations, are felt in other parts of the world that are not quite as magnified here.

This is why we need strong leaders, not hypocritical side-liners, with a long-term vision to get and keep the nation on track. There is still much to be done in this nation to affect positive change. We won’t get to where we need to be based on assumptions and telling half-truths — and without truth, borders will always exist between us.