Right Wing Hypocrisy

The right-wing primaries have exposed Mitt Romney for what he is – an individual who will say what it takes to get the vote. The unfortunate outcome is that the Right Wing will line up like ducks and vote against their own best interests while life goes on for the Ring-wing elite…so don’t assume President Obama is a done deal as the Rights’ hate for him transcends any logic, and is up to progressives to get out the vote.

In responding to Fred Barnes’ comments that, “According to a Romney adviser, his private view of immigration isn’t as anti-immigrant as he often sounded, ” E.J. Dionne Jr. stated, “What exactly does that mean? Does it mean Romney said things that he doesn’t really believe? What are we supposed to make of a candidate who takes certain public positions to court one group of voters — and then tries to reassure an entirely different group of voters by leaking the fact that he doesn’t really believe what he said to win votes from the first group? How many other “private” positions does Romney hold that we don’t know about?”

In January, Romney told women they must have the “dignity of work” to qualify for benefits. It’s the same ol’ ring wing hypocrisy of assuming that you are poor because you are lazy or want to get government aid — as if government aid provides poor women a grand lifestyle!

His VP-in-waiting is another hypocrite. In a Think Progress article, Travis Waldron wrote that
“House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) told Christian Broadcast Network earlier this week that the House GOP’s budget, which he wrote, was driven by his Catholic faith. “A person’s faith is central to how they conduct themselves in public and in private,” Ryan said, and Catholic principles are what led him to cut programs for the poor so as to keep people from becoming “dependent on government.”

So one lies depending on what he feels his immediate audience wants to hear – the other exploits religion and lies about how it guides him to stick it to the poor. This is the hypocrisy of the Ring-wing “Roman duo.” These two – one the likely Republican presidential nominee and the other his potential Vice President are not what our country deserve. One could counter and rationalize these facts by saying all politicians lie but then really – is this all it takes to give your vote to a hypocrite? The fact is that President Obama saved our country from another depression, which included having to bail out Wall Street, saved General Motors (which Romney would have let go under) and has had our economy improving for over 23 consecutive months. Oh, and I can’ t leave this without adding that President Obama took a Republican idea, Romneycare, and made it Obamacare — which Romney plans to repeal if he is elected. By the way, Romney also lied about his health care plan being somehow different from Obamacare, which it is not. They are two of a kind – but not our kind.
Image: Credits to the Democratic National Committee

The Progressive Latino (TPL)  is a blogger who established the blog “The Progressive Latino”. TPL believes the Progressive Movement is poised to transform America into a nation where every citizen has a “fair shot” as President Obama said, and that all citizens, especially those less fortunate have assured social and economic safety nets to carry them in their time of need. Although the U.S. Latino community makes up approximately 1 of 6 Americans, their voices are only beginning to be heard. Latinos can have a voice in their future. TPL seeks to inform, educate, enlighten and to advocate for progressive policies.


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