Week in Review, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day, everyone! If you’re able to smell clean air and enjoy drinkable water, you may want to take a good look at some of the proposals coming from the right to ensure that those little amenities are a thing of the past. What’s a little toxicity-free soil and oil-free water when compared to the bigger priority of increasing profits for big business? Yes, that’s the way to look forward towards what’s important!

Looking back over the week, right wing hypocrisy filled the air (so…what else is new?). Blocking passage of the Buffett (Reagan?) Rule proves that it’s not just unruly kids who bully and terrorise one another; right wing leadership has proven itself quite adept at bullying the middle class and being hypocritical about it. The right says that passing the Buffett Rule wouldn’t make sense because $47 billion is not much money to add to the national coffers — and they stated that while simultaneously submitting plans to cut $37 billion in food stamp benefits for those in need because it’s ‘too much money’ to waste. Hypocritical AND mean.

These actions showed us who they are and what they’re made of. Again I say  that “independents” and “centrists” should get off the fence — because unless you’re a gazillionaire corporation, the GOP doesn’t care about you.

Speaking about not caring, the SCOTUS is awfully quiet…and, while we wait, the number of Americans who are still without health and dental care remains shameful in such a wealthy nation. Between the Supreme Court and the elected officials on the right, the continued moves to block progress aren’t surprising. They’re just not very “Christian” (and that’s in quotes because a real Christian would’t find himself being so uncaring towards his fellow man) and they make it clear that not much Bible-readin’ is going on — at least not that pesky New Testament mention of taking care of those considered among the least of us.

Too often, behaviour like that can leave us wondering if our politicians simply don’t care. What issues are considered important enough to get a cohesive problem-solving coalition together? Based on the continued willingness of the war mongers among us to want to engage in international disputes while overlooking domestic concerns, it’s hard to assess. But the good thing is that we can pay attention, connect with one another on issues that matter, and decide for ourselves how best to solve our own problems because those vying for office aren’t always looking out for us. It sounds utterly gloomy but it doesn’t have to be.

Thank goodness we have some wonderful distractions: art, music, and *ahem* other vices (no judgement) to pleasantly focus on from week to week. And, in the meantime, we can still enjoy our planet — just remember to nourish and care for it. On this Sunday, take it easy as you reflect; get away from your troubles and your bills. Go out and enjoy the day with a nice bike ride. Enjoy Earth Day!


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